Making Memories: Fun Things to Do on Your Birthday in 2024

What fun things to do on my birthday? This year I’m turning 29. I have mixed feelings about my birthday. Age is just a number. To be honest, I do not feel like a person who has gone through 29 long years in the swing of a pendulum. I am just a kid who never wanted to grow up and play around eating chocolates—a kid who never had to think of responsibilities or how to make a living.

What to do on my birthday alone?

I am a 9 am to 8 pm office worker who is intertwined between work and other life responsibilities. I forgot how to enjoy life, and I wish I had never grown up. Birthdays come and go because time is like a waterfall that keeps flowing, only leaving us with a bunch of memories.

The life of human beings seems so mysterious to me. There is so much chaos on the outside, and we all run for money, degrees, jobs, and improvements as we grow up. The most beautiful period of our life is childhood. I am afraid of social gatherings as I am an introverted person. Also, I am confused about the fun things to do on my birthday..!

Observing people is one of my favorite pastimes. It’s been a couple of years since I lived alone in Japan without my family. Whenever the date of my birthday appears, one question strikes me: “When did I grow up so much?” Birthdays were full of delight when I was a kid. There were so many fun things to do back then.

What did my friends do on my birthday at home?

My friends came to my place with or without gifts- nothing expensive but definitely precious. I have safely kept those toys, little teddy bears, and many things I was gifted in my locker. If I take you on a trip to my memory lane, growing up as a 90s kid was vintage, a golden period. Nevertheless, I am not getting any fun things to do for my birthday. Also, I am confused about my feeling. Am I anxious, hopeless, or depressed? Some people may gift me for my anxiousness, but I am fatigued and still confused.

Epic things from my parents on my birthday

My parents would buy me a cake on my birthday, there were colorful candles, and our little home was decorated with balloons. It was a day full of joy, a day I always looked forward to celebrating every year.

Fun things to do on my birthday in quarantine..!

My friends also made me beautiful birthday cards filled with our favorite cartoon character stickers. We held the small birthday ceremony in the evening, and the four kids who lived in the neighborhood played with me, came to my place, and sang me the birthday song as I cut the cake. My mother also cooked desserts and some special dishes for dinner. What a joyful event it was back then!

Everything changed after I enrolled in college. All the neighbor kids who were my friends also grew up and moved to another place one by one. We did not have mobile phones back then; those were the days of the landline phone.

Birthday activities in my childhood 

I miss those childhood days badly when my birthday comes. Nowadays, everyone is on social networks, wishing each other virtually and sharing photos, but they do not have time to meet in person. It has become a ritual you are bound to do other than your coworkers; online friends will bound to collapse by some means.

I may sound like a sad, complicated guy who has lost the capability to look at the brighter side, but that is how I feel. My feelings are the bricks that build the person I am. Not many people know how to be expressive about their feelings. Everyone is playing their social role from their place.

On another point, most humans do not know how to value our true emotions, be boldly expressive about them, and embrace each other in just blue times. We keep running after the bleak happiness we do not know where to find. And that is how we keep running. Happiness lies within us, inside our hearts, if we are grateful for what we have in life.

Conclusion: So, now, on my birthdays, I pray for a better life ahead for myself, my family, relatives, and long-lost friends. I pray for the people of this world to heal and make it a better place for you and me. After writing this article, I could explore myself, and now I feel better. Thank you so much for reading my history.

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