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There’s no need to buy a fancy deck when you can color your own tarot cards to fit your own personality and style. Tarot cards are just a tool to help people gain insights into the future.

Color Your Own Tarot Cards is an easy and fun way of adding rich color to a traditional 78 card tarot deck without having to buy new cards. Each card comes with a full color illustrated guide for step-by-step color choices, and you can choose to add a customized name and date of creation to each of your cards.

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Color Your Own Tarot
  • Packard, Mary (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

About Author

Mary and Fay have created a unique tarot deck specifically designed for coloring and anyone who enjoys traditional tarot card readings.

Mary Packard (1842-1912) and Fay Martin (1880-1981) are two genteel ladies with good brains and a passion for fortune-telling, but how did they come to issue their own tarot deck?

Moreover, Mary Packard is the author of this deck and has written 250 books for both children and adults. She has been fond of books from a very young age. She writes books to enjoy reading herself. Also, she considers writing is fun to explore new subjects and try out the things that are not done in real life.

Fay Martin is an illustrator. She illustrated this Color your own tarot deck. Since her teenage, she has been a love of illustration when a black fine liner pen became her favorite medium.

Color Your Own Tarot Cards Deck

The art of fortune-telling has been around for centuries and who doesn’t want to look into the future?

This mystical deck comes with a 78 card deck that provides you the answer when you seek questions and also at the time when you add your energy through coloring in each card. The deck modernizes your journey with your energy.

The deck comes with a guidebook where all the meanings of each card are outlined and suggests a card spread that can be used at the time of reading the tarot.

Moreover, this deck of the artwork is colorful and has a vintage look. All the suites have the same artwork in the background. The size of the cards is as large as the usual tarot cards. The deck has great advantages in that you can color your own tarot.

Color Your Own Tarot-Features and Specifications:

The deck has a 96 pages guidebook and is composed, available in the English language. The deck was published by the Thunder Bay Press on July 11, 2017. It comes with a weight of 1.93 pounds and has a dimension of 8.38*1.13*10 inches.

The Book Provides:

  • All the features of 78 cards provide answers when you seek.
  • Booklet provides all the relevant information and instruction on how to use the card and spread it.
  • It comes with the great advantage that you can color your own deck.
  • The deck provided all the information and easy steps on how to read.
  • The deck can be colored as you desire.
  • It inspires and guides you to the journey of your life.
  • It provides you with answers when you seek questions at the time of adding energy.
  • Its booklet instructed on how to spread and provide all the relevant meaning and information of this tarot deck.
  • Coloring this deck is merely a pastime not for the learning experience.
  • Cards are large enough for small hands it is difficult to shuffle.

Can I draw my own tarot cards?

Drawing your own tarot cards can be a rewarding experience. It also comes with a lot of challenges and frustrations.  There’s a lot to learn about the meaning and symbolism of each card. It takes patience to learn how to make a card of the appropriate size, have the typeface selection look correct, and ensure that the card fits together correctly.

Color Your Own Tarot is a fun way to learn tarot card meanings while also having some fun with the cards. To use the Cards, simply choose an image of your choice on our website and then place it into a watercolor paint program of your own choosing. After you’re done, upload the image to the website, add some keywords, and type in a title, suit, and number.

How to paint tarot cards?

There are many ways to paint tarot cards, but if all you are looking for is the basic procedure, there are few steps.

First, you need a few basic colors, white and black.

Then you need to paint some symbols on your paper. Usually, these are images from the Major Arcana (the twenty-two trump cards) and any extra symbols that you want to paint. You can also paint the suit signs (pentacles, cups, swords, wands, etc.) and the court cards (kings, queens, knights, etc.).

Then you need to paint the numbers, the letters, and the astrological signs (if you want to paint them).


Color Your Own Tarot Cards Deck is not a traditional tarot deck, as it is not only a traditional tarot deck but it is also a coloring book as well. The coloring pages are not just for kids but adults as well. So, we hope that you got the Color your Own Tarot details and understand it that we have provided in the article. Feel Free to choose this coloring book.

Happy Shopping.

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