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Dreaming Way Tarot Review

Dreaming Way Tarot is a traditional tarot decorated with contemporary artistic flair. The deck of this tarot is very classy, with stylish characters filled with scenes of Major and Minor Arakanese.

Have you ever wondered why we dream? What our dreams mean, or why we even come to experience them? The Dreaming Way Tarot by Rome Choi (Author), Kwon Shina (Illustrator) seeks to answer these questions by providing a tarot deck that interprets the unconscious messages and a book that explains the meaning of each card.

The Dreaming Way Tarot has been in development since the late 90s and has been in the market since 2007. Moreover, this deck is inspired by the Feng Shui element of Water and the 4 Asian Cardinal Elements (Earth, Fire, Metal, and Water). In a way, the 4 elements can be seen as an extension of the court cards. Each suit has been attributed to one element. Therefore, each element is a combination of both the court cards and the suit.

The symbols of this tarot deck assure new life and provide some new inspiration among the readers. Even the Dreaming Way explores the Tarot numerical and the initial various effects and explains the novelty of the Tarot.

Dreaming Way Tarot
  • Choi, Rome (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

Meaning of Dreaming Way Tarot:

Each card on the Dreaming Way Tarot deck is a piece of art that can be admired for its stunning beauty. The deck contains 78 cards in total, which are divided into five groups of cards: Coins, Cups, Swords, Wands, and Pentacles.

Each of these groups corresponds to a suit in a traditional playing card deck. Each suit in the Dreaming Way Tarot deck has its own set of meanings. You can easily make “YES” “NO” reading from this deck.

About Author Rome Choi:

Rome Choi loves to work with dreams and dream time. She has been professionally involved with the Tarot since 1997. Zen practiced Transpersonal Psychology at the University of Seoul, where he received permission to inform in his tarot lectures. Like Robert M. Place, the highly respected Tarot artist dreamed of Choi. The name of the deck is derived from that dream – “Dream Way Tarot.” He has revised the characters and images of the Tarot deck.

Moreover, Towards the end of the book, a spread is published, “The Dreaming Way Five Card Spread,” which defines the following positions as (1) past, (2) confusion, (3) change, (4) presented gift, and (5) dream.

The Dreaming Way tarot has a 39-page LWB (Little White Book) with a deck. As an introduction to that.

Review of The Dreaming Way Tarot

This tarot has been around for years, but it’s finally seeing a mass-market release a few years. It’s the brainchild of Seoul-based artist Rome Choi and illustrator Kwon Shina and is inspired by the Korean folk tale of the same name.

Rome Choi was always interested in tarot, and it was only natural for him to create one based on Korean culture. He’s said that the process of making the deck was like a game and that he and his partner Kwon Shina were inspired by the Korean poet Lee Sang-In.

It was published on September 24, 2012, by U.S. Games Systems of Crds/Bklt edition. It is formed in the English language. It weighs 9.2 ounces and has a dimension of 2.75*1.25*4.75 inches.

The Dreaming Tarot Deck Provides:

  • The Mass Market Paperback of this Tarot deck has been compiled in 78 pages.
  • Their decks don’t have that intense gloss, although they have some brightness that protects them without making them too shiny.
  • These decks have some power that induces a lot of subconscious messages in the images.
  • Dreaming way Tarot’s decks will be best for intermediate-level tarot readers or collectors.
  • The interpretation of these decks is very sharp and of perfect size.
  • The guidebook on this deck is beneficial for reading.
  • Dreaming way Tarot decks can help you create a small world within yourself.
  • It is based on the RWS deck, which symbolizes the conventional symbol to suit you if you are very attracted to conventional cards.
  • These decks can give you dreamy, artistic, sharp, and very honest information to read.
  • The cards are great, but the guidebook doesn’t fit the cardholder.
  • Dreaming way, Tarot’s decks may not be so good for beginners.
  • These cards are not very heavy or as hard as cardboard but are moderately heavy.
  • The images on this deck can be a bit difficult to understand through interpretation.


The Dreaming Way Tarot is one of the most beautiful decks ever created and a very functional one. This is easily one of the best decks to start with for someone new to tarot or an excellent addition to anyone’s collection. We hope you enjoyed the description of the Dreaming Way Tarot given in the article. The information given in the book will help you a lot to read the Tarot. So, you will definitely get positive feedback when you purchase it.

Thank You !!

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