Crystal Intentions Oracle: M. Ann Lembo- Review

Crystal Intentions Oracle is a deck of cards that is designed to help you achieve your goals. It is a magical tool to help you achieve your goals and is a great tool to use when you need guidance and a little help to get you through the day.

We have provided the details on the Crystal Intentions Oracle in the article. Have a look at them below.

How Crystal Intentions Oracle Cards are Helpful?

Crystal Intentions Oracle is a guided visualization that assists you in your spiritual journey. This card set will assist you in clarifying where you need to focus your energy during this time of transition.

The cards are created to help you contact your Higher Self and to have questions answered or have guidance on how to proceed. The cards are created to assist you in staying on track with your journey!

Crystal Intentions Oracle: Guidance & Affirmations
  • Lembo, Margaret Ann (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

About Author:

This deck has been created by the author Margaret Ann Lembo.

Margaret Ann Lembo is the author of the Crystals, Minerals, and Stones Essential Guide; The Color Your Life with Crystals and the Angels and Gemstone Guardians Cards. She is the creator of several award-winning Aroma-Energetic Sprays, such as spray smudge and the seven Chakra Sprays.

Crystal Intentions Oracle Deck Review:

Our thinking gives rise to our reality. The Crystal intentions oracle will help you to think about relationships and experiences that bring peace and fulfillment.

On the other hand, crystals and statements of the cards will bring about positive changes in love, health, money, protection, intuition, and happiness.

This kit is a beautiful resource for day-to-day inspiration and spiritual transformation, with 40 cards and a booklet sharing the significance of each crystal.

The guidebook includes insights into how to get started, read the cards, use the deck for meditation and chakra work and combine the cards with gemstones.

The crystal intentions of the oracle are an excellent means of spiritual support. Find out how to use the cards to inspire and understand our lives in the most important areas.

Features and Specifications:

The Llewellyn publications published this deck, Box Tcr Cr edition, on November 08, 2016. It comes in the English language. It weighs 1.6 pounds and has 4*1*5.75 dimensions of inches.

  • These card features inspire positive changes for love, health, protection, intuition, and happiness, with crystals and affirmations on one side and color-coded intentions on the other.

Previous Buyer’s Experience:

  • The deck contains a card that is very easy to read.
  • Some buyers claimed that the deck doesn’t provide many cards and is far too simple for the high price.
  • Some buyers claimed that most of the cards contain slick paper production, which is of high price.
  • The deck containing its card stock is sturdy and the same as what is described by the seller.
  • The deck contains a card that is wonderful with great results.
  • Its picture is of good quality, laminated, and sturdy cards.
  • Its box is beautiful and has an off fabulous set of cards.
  • These gem cards assist us in achieving self-empowerment.
  • These are great Oracle cards that bring great results when you put the right energy and intention into them.
  • The deck provided Gemstones and Affirmations to manifest our heart Desires.
  • This deck is the perfect resource for spiritual support.
  • It helps to discover how to use the cards for personal insights and inspiration for the most important parts of our lives.
  • The deck containing cards is sturdy and laminated properly.
  • Some buyers claimed that cards are few and are of a high price though they are simple.


Your life is a reflection of you, and you have the power to change your life and the lives of those around you. So, we hope that you have understood all the details on the Crystal Intentions Oracle that we have provided in the article. Feel free to choose this deck. It will be worth your buying.

Happy Shopping.

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