Dealing With Stress – Should You Quit Your Job?

Dealing with stress caused by work? You are not alone. Virtually all of the people who have joined the workforce have a few things to say about how exhausting and stressful their work can be.

If you don’t believe me, just check your Facebook account and see how many friends you have who rants or have ranted about their work-related woes. The usual complaints you can find are the following:

Rants about their boss, their officemates and their company in general

This person could go on and on about how overbearing his boss is or how annoying his officemates are. Give him time and he will find something to pick on about his company.

Generally, people who are not at all happy about their working environment tend to be fault-finders. It makes me wonder why they haven’t had the guts to quit yet. After all, if you are no longer happy, why bother staying?

Office hours

Gone are the days when you can enter the workforce and expect to work from 9 am till 5 pm. Today, a multitude of jobs now have various work schedules – from sun up till sundown. You might also be expected to render overtime work and be lured by an exorbitant over time.

Little did you know that a large amount of tax will take a huge bite off your paycheck. It is not surprising to find many overworked employees trying to unload their disappointment in social networking sites!

Loss of interest

You once thought your work is very exciting…until you have celebrated your one year anniversary in the company. At that point, everything seems dull and lifeless.

You are going through the same old boring and mundane routine. You meet the same old and boring people. You get scolded by the same old domineering boss. You take the same old dingy public transportation to work.

You eat in the same old cafeteria. Before long, your body, spirit, and mind will be screaming for something out of the ordinary.

This is a typical problem for office workers who have been in their company for quite some time now. Growth is virtually nonexistent.

Unfair treatment

When we were launched into the world of working men and women, nobody warned us that it is going to be cut-throat. Or maybe we had a bit of inkling about how competitive it is in the industry but we do not take them seriously because we are too young and too cocky to believe it. We think that once we get our jobs, it is our be-all and end-all.

Nobody warned us about sneaky officemates who take credit for your work or superiors who will put you in the chopping block at the first sign of mistake without so much as a trial. Yes, it is a dog eat dog world.

Dealing with stress and anxiety

While dealing with stress can be done using effective methods, there are times when you feel like these methods are no longer enough. You already start to feel at the pit of your stomach the need to get out. The longer you stay, the bigger that gnawing feeling grows until such a time that you will be screaming to break free.

Dealing with stress at work

Dealing with stress in the workplace can only go so far. There are times when the only solution to your problem is quitting your job. You might think that in this day and age, it is ridiculous to let go of your financial levity, especially not in the world where stable jobs are becoming increasingly extinct.

To most of us, it is no longer a question about whether you should quit your job but a question of whether you can afford to quit your job. At the end of the day, it boils down to how much money you need.

Healthy ways of dealing with stress

When I was a typical employee, I had all of the woes mentioned above. And I am a self-confessed nit-picker. I hated being pushed around and told what to do simply because I thought my methods work better.

I had a bit of a stubborn streak that refuses to cave into corporate slavery.

After three jobs, I decided, this kind of industry is not for me. It was at that time when I discovered the benefits of the internet.

The internet is like a pot of gold just waiting to be discovered. There is such a wealth of information for the wealth-seekers just waiting to be tapped. I have started doing online jobs and stints and discovered the marvels of SEO and never looked back.

Currently, I am earning twice as much as I was earning before in my job without having to leave my home. I get complete sleep. I can watch my favorite series. I can get off work once I am done with my daily tasks.

I have the option of taking the day off. Best of all, I don’t have officemates who can take credit for the work I have done and employers who will undermine my efforts.

I find working at home not only better for my pocket but also better for my spirit. It is far easier to juggle my social life and my career when I am not limited by the rules imposed by a company. That being said, I am a much happier individual.

Dealing with stress has never been this easy

I guess what I am trying to say is that everyone has an option. You don’t have to feel trapped because of your work. The important thing is to not close your doors to other possibilities. There are solutions to your work-related problems if you know where to look.

Books on dealing with stress: Stress is an Illusion: The Scientific Solution: 4 Simple Steps to Reduce Stress


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