Emotion Code Therapy, Process & Importance

The specialized quite emotional release therapy is known because of the Emotion Code. Generally, it works against trapped emotions. Now we’d wish to understand what the trapped emotion is. We all know that we all have emotions. We are emotional beings, and our emotions are experienced in response to our surroundings. Today, we will provide you a total review of emotional code therapy.

Emotions are a typical neighborhood of life, as we experience and interpret the planet through our emotions. Trapped emotions are emotions that were never fully expressed at the time they ought to happen. To release these trapped emotions, we have to identify the trapped emotions blocking a specific intention or goal using muscle-testing. Using magnets, the emotion code therapists release the emotions and clear the energy blockage.

Emotion Code Therapy may be a gentle, non-invasive, and safe approach for emotional balance. The main target is on finding the trapped emotions and releasing them. Instead of that, specialize in the circumstances which caused the emotional imbalance.

Emotion Code Definitions

It is a psychological term. The Emotion Code may be a powerful method of finding and releasing trapped emotions stored within the body through our subconscious minds’ desire to save us from further suffering. Emotions profoundly affect the standard of our life. It minimizes the emotional detox symptoms. Emotion codes are used by particular questioning and muscle testing.

Our experience of low waves emotions like fear and anger feel very different from our experience of high waves of emotions like love and gratitude. The latter creates the powerful brain and heart coherence that regulates our Sistema Nervosa, create balance, and allows our body to heal.

God wants us to measure in abundance here on Earth, to measure filled with peace, joy, gratitude, and love! In one reference of the Bible, Thessalonians 5:16-18: “Be joyful always.

Pray continually. Thank circumstances altogether, for this is often God’s will for your life.” the upper we vibe, the higher we function and heal. That’s how the system’s energy recovery works to improve physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, & life-related ailments.

Science has been available in epigenetics, psychoneuroimmunology, and quantum biology, finding that feeling positive emotions positively changes our physical and mental condition at the cellular level. Feeling negative emotions does the other impacting our body, mind, and spirit.

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Process of Emotion Code Therapy

The process is straightforward. Muscle testing is employed to spot one trapped emotion that the body is prepared to release. Once enough information has been obtained about this emotion, like the age when it became trapped and where it’s held within the body, it’s released by running a magnet several times along the rear. It’s so simple, but the consequences are often very profound. It is an emotional focus therapy.

Some people feel better almost instantly after the therapy; some experience the changes subtly and over time. Many of us come to the therapist for our feeling is becoming feeling “lighter” after an Emotion Code session, as if a weight has been lifted from them.

The Emotion Code is often effective in releasing chronic pain, relationship problems, and anxiety, among many other things in life. At the same time, it might be unwise to say that trapped emotions cause disease. Dr. Nelson says that he has never treated someone with a disease or condition that didn’t have any trapped emotions contributing to the matter.

Dr. Bradley Nelson is a certified emotion code practitioner who wrote a unique book, The Emotion Code™, and Creator of The Body Code® System. He participated in various Energy Healing Training, Seminars and got Certification in this field. He provided various techniques for uncovering repressed emotions through emotional release meditation.

As you become more balanced, you’ll feel better, more comfortable, and happier! An Emotion Code Therapy session is concentrated on energy healing. The first goal is to spot and release negative emotions by testing autonomic muscle response.

Following are easy 4-steps of the system, your practitioner can efficiently and painlessly remove your underlying trapped emotions:

1. Discover

Your subconscious is that the ultra-intelligent computing system of your body. It knows exactly what you would like to realize balance within the five key health areas (physical, emotional, environmental, spiritual, and intellectual).

Your emotional release therapist will use her/his God-given intuitive gifts and training to skillfully connect with your subconscious minds. This may allow the discovery of truths only your subconscious can tell.

2. Expose

Once energetically connected to your subconscious, your practitioner will use specific questioning, charts of emotions, and muscle testing to urge precise answers from your subconscious about imbalances in your body that require to be addressed. These questions are carefully thought out with the specific intention to show the trapped emotions that are depressing your optimal health.

You can collect trapped emotions chart to get maturity of your feeling, thinking, values, etc. We have the Emotion Code chart in pdf format to make you more experienced in your mature feelings. Also, from this resource, you will get a body code chart with emotional release words.

3. Release

The Emotion Code technique combines the fashionable technology of therapeutic magnets and trusted ancient medicine principles to release the trapped emotions or correct energetic imbalance. Using the facility of intention, your practitioner will clear the trapped emotions from your body, then confirm the discharge. A body code session or emotional code therapy session can last 30 minutes to 45 minutes on average.

4. Empower

Magnetic energy acts as a strong carrier for your practitioner’s intention to revive your body’s emotional and physical balance. Free of the emotional traumas and empowered in your new state of spiritual healing, your emotions will be regained, you’ll experience many immediate or developing benefits. Emotion code therapy empowers your strength by minimizing negative side effects. For example, it can control energy cords in a relationship or release trauma from your body.

Importance of Emotional Code Therapy

Emotion code practitioners believe, “freeing yourself from your trapped emotions can cause you to feel better and motivated and may liberate you to make the relationships, career, and life that you simply always wanted.” Practitioners provide emotion code training for healing mental illness. This therapy plays a vital role for acute mental illness people by releasing stuck emotions. Emotion code practitioner salary might be yearly $97K – $140K.

People frequently sense that their past emotions somehow burden them, but they don’t understand how to recover from them. Some people eager to get help from traditional psychotherapy, which has a less emotional address.

Some seek help through traditional psychotherapy, which is trapped on symptoms rather than trapped emotions. Many of us fail to perform up to their ability and have difficulty making their life work as they ought to. This therapy can control your emotions in a relationship.

Oftentimes, the underlying explanation for their frustration maybe a trapped emotion from a past event that they’ll not realize is sabotaging their efforts. Then the emotion Code will help you reclaim your life, enjoy better health, and eventually be free from the insidious and subtle forces that trapped emotions are exerting upon you.

An emotion code session will help to release trapped emotions at a low cost. Even if you search on google, youtube, or social media, you can get a free emotion code session with certification. We will suggest studying the emotion code vs. body code to get clear concepts about the mind-body relationship. In the market, there are various books on body code to know positive energy cords.


I believe that removing trapped emotions is significant to your quality of life. Removing them may prevent many various problems from eventually occurring. Hopefully, you’re starting to understand how releasing your trapped emotions can offer you relief from mental and physical symptoms you’ll be affected by now. By releasing your trapped emotions, you’ll remove the unwanted negative energy clouds that destroy your tissues’ proper functions. You’ll also be helping to re-establish the free flow of positive energy, thus helping your body heal itself. Your mind will return to a wilder also, without the drama, pain, and weight of your old emotions blocking you from progressing in your life.


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