Fairy Lights Tarot Deck Review & Buying Gude

I think the Fairy Lights Tarot Deck creators have created an easy and fun way for non-initiates and experts alike to experience the magical aspects of the tarot. Although tarot can be a tough read, I think that this deck reduces the reading process to a simple, easy, and fun game. Using the fairy-themed cards, which reader can guide the querent on a journey of self-discovery. The fairies, by the way, are adorable.

The Fairy Lights Tarot Deck is whimsical and charming. The deck is beautifully illustrated with gorgeous artwork and vibrant colors. The faces, especially the unicorns, are adorable. The illustrations are colorful and pretty, making this deck both fun to look at and good for reading.


This deck is created by the author Lucia Mattioli and Lo Scarabeo.

Lucia Mattioli is the designer of several tarot decks, including the Fairy Lights Tarot.

Fairy Lights Tarot Deck
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Fairy Lights Tarot Deck
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  • Mattioli, Lucia (Author)

Fairy Lights Tarot Deck Review

Lucia Mattioli’s poetic art sings in this one-of-a-kind and imaginative tarot. Each card contributes to a larger picture that is completed when it is paired with another card. An ever-present fairy light aids in breaking down psychological barriers, providing clarity, and allowing the truth to be revealed. The Fairy Lights Tarot Deck will touch your heart and reveal your soul because it is emotionally rich and intuitive.

Fairy Lights Tarot Deck- features and specifications

Llewellyn publications; Bilingual edition manufactured this deck on September 8, 2013. Its language is English. The deck weighs 8 ounces and has 2.75*1.25*4.75 dimension of inches.

Previous Buyers’ Experience
  • The card interpretations provided in the little white book are simple to read and broad enough in scope to be widely applicable.
  • The interpretation provided does not always appear to correspond to the image on the card.
  • The deck itself is stunning and inspiring.
  • Some buyers claimed that it is not easy to read.


  • The artwork is simply stunning and enticing.
  • They convey a gentle message while capturing important issues.
  • They shuffle nicely and are a standard little tuck box essential little white book.


  • It is not a beginner reading deck.

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In conclusion, I recommend that you give the deck a try. It’s fun, entertaining, and instructive. And best of all, it’s affordable.

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