The Tarot of Enchanted Dreams Review & Guide

I recently stumbled upon the Tarot of Enchanted Dreams, a digital tarot deck. This deck combines traditional tarot images with a modern twist, and it’s based on The Book of Secrets, a book Kate’s mother read to her when she was a child. The art reflects the author’s interest in fairy tales and magic, and the cards can be read for insight into specific life events and general guidance.


This deck is created by the author Yasmeen Westwood.

The Tarot of Enchanted Dreams
  • Westwood, Yasmeen (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

Yasmeen Westwood has several years of experience as a Reiki master and studies in NLP, hypnosis, and life coaching.

The Tarot of Enchanted Dreams Review

This is designed to raise awareness so you can connect with your higher self. It is an important step on our path to personal growth and a lifeline in times of need. It allows the cards to guide you as you solve day-to-day problems and overcome obstacles. This deck, full of whimsy and enchantment, allows you to use the guidebook’s keywords and meanings to move your life forward. The special affirmations and tasks provide tools that you can use when you return to reality. This 78-card deck will bring joy and meaning to readers of all levels.

The Tarot of Enchanted Dreams- features and specifications

Red Feather; 1st edition manufactured this deck on December 15, 2019. It appears in the English language and has 144 pages of a paperback. The deck weighs 1.9 pounds and has 9*1.5*5 dimensions of inches.

Previous Buyers’ Experience

  • Glue has also been smeared on the back and sides of the box, making it rough and sticky.
  • These are stunning with the gold trim and are quite large.
  • They’re incredibly thin, almost flimsy.
  • The cards are so large because of that the sizing just doesn’t work.
  • The booklet that comes with it is also quite large.
  • The packaging is fantastic.
  • The large glossy cards are stunning, and they are edged in gleaming gold.
  • The comprehensive guidebook is in color, which is unusual.
  • The box that it comes in is also lovely.
  • The images are vibrant in color and enthralling.


  • The imagery is breathtaking, ethereal, and enchanting.
  • The guidebook is well-designed, full-color, and informative.
  • The cards are large tarot size and very pretty.
  • Beautiful card stock, colors, large size, gold gilding.


  • The images are extremely hazy.
  • Some of the images are extended and look strange.

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In conclusion, Sinking’s watercolor paintings bring the Tarot of Enchanted Dreams to life, with each card looking more like a painting than a picture. The illustrations bring depth to each card, which will appeal to readers who like tarot readings or are considering taking the class. The text is poetic, informative, and easy to read, making it a perfect introduction to tarot.

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