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The Golden Tarot Deck is the most recent and probably the most celebrated of the Tarot Decks. The original Golden Tarot Deck was designed by artist Pamela Coleman-Smith, who wrote the Golden Dawn system of magic, philosophy, and aesthetics. The Golden Tarot Deck was first published in 1982, and the most recent edition came out in 2004.

I decided to create a Golden Tarot deck review to give a fair review of the deck based on my own opinion. The first thing to note about the Golden Tarot deck is that it is not a tarot deck. There is a golden pips version of the deck available, but I have chosen to review the 2004 version of the deck, which is largely unchanged from its original release.

The designer of the cards is a man named Steve Stone, who is a member of the Golden Tarot Society. The cards are based on medieval playing cards and have the same pip count as a standard deck of playing cards. The cards are fairly standard and lack many of the more exotic elements found in other decks.

About Author

Kat Black is a writer, illustrator, and webmaster. She currently resides in Australia.

Golden Tarot Deck Meanings:

See how the Golden Dawn Tarot cards work in a daily life setting or anywhere you want to reflect. You can also discover your own unique meaning of the Golden Dawn Tarot cards.

The deck is an excellent introduction to the tarot, it’s easier to understand than other decks I have tried, yet still retains a lot of the card meanings from other decks. I think people will enjoy this deck, especially newcomers to the tarot because it’s not as difficult to understand as more traditional decks.

Golden Tarot Deck Review:

These Tarot cards, made out of composite imagery from European masters’ paintings, pay homage to artwork from the Middle Ages and early Renaissance, commemorating tarot research and its aesthetic past.

Golden Tarot Deck
  • Black, Kat (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

Golden Tarot Deck- features and specifications

This deck was published by U.S Games Systems; 1st edition on March 01, 2004. It appears in the English language and has 198 pages of cards. The deck weighs 1.05 pounds and has 3.5*2.5*5 dimensions of inches.

Previous Buyers’ Experience

  • The pricing is far lower than comparable options that do not come close to capturing the quality recorded by this excellent.
  • The box it comes in is a work of beauty in and of itself and is ideal for storing these cards and their accompanying book.
  • The deck is difficult to shuffle, at least while it is new.
  • Even after thorough shuffling, the cards like to cling together in small clusters because they are slick.
  • The box is durable and elegant.
  • It is used as a long-term storage option.
  • The cards are incredibly pleasant to handle and play with.
  • The cards are hard to shuffle as they are slick.


In conclusion, I have to say that I am most drawn to this one of all the decks I have, and I have many. I find it’s a wonderful deck to use daily. The beautiful images seem to shine from the cards themselves, inviting me to use them. I love the fact that I can use it to draw the cards for myself and my clients, adding that special touch for reading, bringing a smile to my face, and maybe a little hope.

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