Golden Tarot of Marseille Review & Buying Guide

Golden Tarot of Marseille Review

The following is a review of the latest addition to the Golden Tarot series of the Marseille Tarot, based on my own experience using the cards for divination and my study of their symbolism.

I highly recommend this deck, and this review, for anyone who has yet to try it out. The Marseille Tarot is a beautiful and understated deck and one that I find to have a very distinct style.

This is the most dazzling version of the Marseille Tarot ever, with imagery that has been restored and rebuilt from original versions created in 1751, increased coloring, and gilded imprints on every card.

This article involves all ins and outs of the Golden Tarot of Marseille with pros and cons, sayings from the previous users, and all the features and specifications regarding this tarot deck.

Golden Tarot of Marseille Meanings:

A Tarot de Marseille (also known as Tarot de Marseille, Marseille Tarot, Marseille Tarot de Marseille, or simply Marseille Tarot) is the most famous and most translated Tarot deck in the world.

It is translated so often due to its unique magical symbol called the Marseille Cross, which can be found on the second card of almost every Tarot de Marseille deck.

The ideas expressed in this book will help you to understand the symbolism of the Marseilles Tarot better. With this book, you will find the meaning of each card, the symbolism of each suit, the hierarchy of the trumps, and the general meaning of each card.

Golden Tarot of Marseille
  • Lo Scarabeo (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

About the Author:

Lo Scarabeo’s Tarot decks have received worldwide appreciation for their uniqueness and high craftsmanship. Each Lo Scarabeo deck offers an amazing creative value, featuring the best French and internationally renowned painters.

Lo Scarabeo remains to be popular among enthusiasts and users for generating inventive new decks while keeping the great heritage of the Tarot. In North America, Llewellyn is an exclusive dealer of Lo Scarabeo items.

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Golden Tarot of Marseille Review:

One of the typical designs for the layout of tarot cards is the Tarot of Marseilles or the Tarot of Marseilles, also referred to as Tarot de Marseille in French. Numerous future tarot decks are based on this layout.

The classic primary colors (red, yellow, and blue) are there, but the classic patterns now have gilded metallic backdrops. These gleaming, shiny cards aren’t captured well in photographs. They exude a welcoming, reassuring, and lighthearted spirit.

  • Most Lo Scarabeo deck accompanying pamphlets are available in five dialects: English, Spanish, French, Italian, and German.
  • It is a modernized version of the Marseille Tarot

Llewellyn Publications published this deck on July 8, 2018. The item weighs 8 ounces, and its dimensions are 2.75 x 1.1 x 4.9 inches.

Previous Users’ Experiences:

  • Because all of the titles are in French, users must either learn how to spell French or have a clear understanding of that which cards are in what.
  • Pip cards display the minor arcana rather than the panoramas found in decks such Rider-Waite.
  • The Marseille Golden Tarot gleams like dazzling gold paint.
  • It’s a wealthy-looking deck with a lot of appeal.
  • Lo Scarabeo has added microscopic imprinted spots to the base to create some dimension and a slight tri-dimensional effect.
  • It differs from previous TDM decks in that the cards appear identical irrespective of illumination.
  • Some users claim that the photographs are lovely but that the gold washes away some of the features, causing them to mix into the backdrop.
  • The delicate swirly pattern appearance is more aesthetically pleasing as well as more comfortable to look at.
  • It’s stylish and quite good in quality.
  • The colors are bright and restricted, and the outlines are clear.
  • The card stock has a flimsy feel about it.
  • Not a beginner-friendly tarot deck.
  • Too dependent on its look.


This lovely deck is sure to become a favorite of everyone who enjoys just gazing at it. The deck would make a fantastic present for a Tarot enthusiast. They’re too good to use regularly.

Happy shopping!

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