Green Witch Oracle Cards Review

Green Witch Oracle Cards Review

Many of us are drawn to the mysterious power of natural Magick and the promise of unlocking real secrets. While finding the right path to unlock these secrets can be difficult, the Green Witch Oracle Cards provide an easy way to start your journey.

With the guidance of this deck of cards, you can uncover the secrets of natural Magick and explore your abilities. Working with the cards is a simple process that can help you better comprehend yourself and the world around you.

Each card provides insight into the natural Magick found in the world and brings a sense of understanding, empowerment, and connection to the world. With the Green Witch Oracle Cards, you can discover your natural Magick and begin understanding the universe’s power.

Green Witch Oracle Cards Meanings

Green Witch Oracle Cards is a powerful tool for connecting to the natural world. They offer a way to tap into their intuition and open themselves to deeper understanding. As a card reader, the Green Witch Oracle Cards allow one to connect with the elements and the divine in ways previously inaccessible. With each card, one can gain insight into different aspects of their life and the Universe.

One can access knowledge and wisdom from the natural world through the cards and gain a greater understanding of the spiritual realm. The Green Witch Oracle Cards are a great way to gain a deeper insight into one’s nature and the forces that shape the world.

About Author

This deck is created by the author Cheralyn Darcey, an environmental artist who has been fascinated by plants’ spiritual and therapeutic aspects her whole life.

Green Witch Oracle Cards: Discover Real Secrets of Botanical...
  • Darcey, Cheralyn (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

Green Witch Oracle Cards Review

With the help of the Green Witch’s hidden skills and her sacred herbs, plants, and flowers using mythology, medicinal characteristics, garden magick, and secret messages, help to improve your intuition with the 44 botanical magick cards in the Green Witch Oracle and provide heavenly holy messages of encouragement and direction to raise your power and execute your unique rituals and spells.

Green Witch Oracle Cards- features and specifications

This deck was published by Rockpool publishing on 1 February 2021. It appears in the English language and has 144 pages of paperback. The deck weighs 12 ounces and has 4*1.25*5.25 dimensions inches.

Previous Buyers’ Experience

  • When compared to other Rockpool decks, the card quality is rather underwhelming.
  • The book contains a message, practical guidance on how to plant each item, and little magical charms.
  • The pamphlet is really useful; it explains the significance of each plant, vegetable, or fruit and spells.
  • The handbook also includes spells and information on deities, planets, and other entities related to the plants.


  • The book contains the oracle’s meaning, associations, growing instructions, and a spell for each plant.
  • These cards are truly a visual treat: each picture is stunning, full of complexity, and loving care.
  • The backdrop is filled with ink splatters, stars, and artificial weathering; the cards can be visually overwhelming.


  • The cards are genuinely too big for hands.

All in all, the Green Witch Oracle Cards offer a unique and empowering way to connect to the natural world. With its vibrant illustrations and detailed descriptions, it is an excellent tool for discovering the real secrets of natural magic and uncovering hidden aspects of yourself. Whether a beginner or an experienced witch, these cards will help you better understand your relationship with nature and craft meaningful rituals that will bring true transformation.

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