How to Learn Tarot Cards Easily by Yourself?

How to Learn Tarot Cards Easily

If you’ve ever thought about learning to read Tarot cards, you might be intimidated by the idea of learning a new skill. Maybe you’ve seen a Tarot card reading on TV, or you’ve read books that promise to teach you how to do it. Or maybe you’ve heard of someone who claims to be able to read Tarot cards, and you wish you could learn too.

It doesn’t matter if the tarot card is difficult or easy to read. Your idea of a tarot card is key. The point is, you have to read by yourself through the process of how easy it is to take or how easy it will be for you.

Why should I learn Tarot?

Tarot reading depends entirely on one’s own will. If you want to learn how to read tarot from your own interest, then, of course, you can.

It can help you understand a person’s current situation and even give them some advice or hints about what to do next.

Tarot is best used as a tool for internal intelligence and guidance. Some read tarot cards as a hobby and others as a profession.

Reading gives insights based on a person’s past, present, and future events based on that person’s presence.

Is it difficult to learn tarot cards?

Learning tarot is easy and complex, so you need some resources that can help you learn. Tarot-related books, websites, online classes, video tutorials, personal courses, or a combination of these will enhance your real experience, and you must understand the basics.

How long does it take to learn tarot?

It depends on your practice and how much you are interested in the Tarot. But it actually takes about a month to 6 months if you want to learn the meanings by heart. The more you practice, the faster you will be able to memorize.

I will also mention my 9 friends, who are also experts and tarot readers.

 1. Ed Gemmell, Tarot Practioner

It cannot be easy. The small guidebook with the cards may have several opposite meanings for the same card… The meaning becomes obscure.

To interpret the cards, you need to find a system that makes sense. I suspect that a few books on the subject (including the booklet with cards) are deliberately misinterpreting the meaning of the cards, as it was at one point considered the secret knowledge of secret agencies like the Order of the Golden Dawn and you have to pay them for the special opportunity to learn it.

I, myself, finally stumbled upon the correspondence between the card and the Kabbalah “Tree of Life.” This is very briefly mentioned in the little guidebook that came with the Thoth Tarot deck. Only the figure is shown in the correspondence without any description. You can find some good books on this subject in more detail,

This is good: A Practical Guide to Qabalistic Symbolism 2 Volume Set by Gareth Knight.

Once I got it, I had a system that was intelligent to use for interpreting cards. It is a system that you can learn more about because the tree of life is a concept that presents the way things of the soul are expressed in the physical world, so it becomes a spiritual study that you can use to help you realize it.

2. Tiffany Joseph, Professional Tarot Reader and Teacher with 15 Years of Experience

It’s hard because there’s so much to learn. Sorry for the bad news here. Learning tarot cards takes time, dedication, some real self-reflection, and a certain amount of obsession.

It would help if you connected to understand the meaning of each of your cards. If you want to learn how to use tarot spreads, you need to learn how cards interact, create and communicate with each other.

What kind of practice or organization can help you learn tarot?

If you are very interested in learning the Tarot, there are plenty of resources for you that can help you learn. The best way to do this is to approach a new habit (like meditating or going to the gym). This is not something you know completely. You are a permanent student of Tarot studies.

A few helpful links to my writing: Reading tarot cards and recommendations for the best tarot decks for my initial mentors.

I personally feel that I don’t waste time dedicated to learning tarot, and reading the cards keeps me grounded. If you find a deck to inspire you, I hope you are committed to it and get some real benefits from it!

3. Jessica Karels, Tarot Reader, Teacher, and Coach

Your mileage may vary.

The biggest hurdle is learning how to read tarot cards is crossing the part of your brain that pushes you toward perfection and not trying anything new if you run the risk of making a mistake. Stay.

Memorization involves reading tarot because it takes time to understand the numerical and symbolic meaning of the cards. So different types of resources can help you.

What kind of perception does it take to understand the meaning of the Tarot?

Reading Tarot intuitively involves tapping into your subconscious for the meaning of the image on the cards.

Having a basic understanding of Tarot symbols and structures combines your interpretations with the meanings “by the book,” but you can also interpret cards based on your personal experience.

Need the practice to read tarot?

Practice is important. It does reading for yourself and documenting them, taking out “day cards,” or reading tarot for others because the more you practice, the more you can get a clear idea about tarot. This will make it easier for you to learn, just as you can master everything very quickly.

4. Jean Bakula, Tarot Reader and Book Writer (2010-present)

It varies for everyone. But you don’t have to spend time. There are 6 cards, and they mean something different. It takes time to learn all the meanings of cards. Then there are all kinds of texts, and the spaces of the readings have a meaning a

You should keep a journal and learn a card or two every day. Or pick a card and see how it relates to your day. I think it takes a few years of study to become a skilled reader. Then you want to read for others, but you should decide on a code of ethics.

Is it possible to choose a Tarot really fast?

Also, many different decks are available, and not all of them follow the symbolism or meaning of the rider-weight deck. So it would help if you had your time to learn each new deck you try.

None of these metaphors are easy to learn. People think you can pick them up really fast. But the truth is you will spend a lot of money on reference books and going to workshops and classes, or you will never be a good reader.

5. Bryce Baker, I’ve been reading Tarot for over 20 years

  • Learning tarot is as easy as doing it. Play with cards and ask questions. Keep these and find the meanings, think about how they relate to each other and apply them to your situation.
  • Money and relationships will come to you before you know it, and you won’t have to look for them anymore!
  • Practice, like anything else, makes it perfect. I will not say that learning tarot is difficult. Anyone can do it.

6. Karen Hollis, Psychologist/Karen at Medium Reading (2001-present)

Learning tarot is not difficult, but how you learn it is important. Many people spend their lives studying the symbolism of the Tarot.

This is the ultimate “DaVinci code!” First, learn the meaning at the top and bottom of each card. The cards’ meanings then change only when they sit next to each other and jump together like a sentence.

7. Josephine Holland, Tarot Reader 

Know some basic spreads – but be prepared to change them to represent the past, present, and future of the person where the three cards are drawn from the deck of the former or the mind, body, and attitude.

Howe says you can also draw six cards with the help of one card representing each field. The king of can cup cards usually depicts a mature person who appreciates the subtle things of lifelike music and art. He can be warm-hearted and kind.

The figure usually refers to something with the sea or water associated with water cup suits.

8. Shweta Kapoor, Certified Professional Tarot Reader

Learning to play instruments, dance style, or painting is as easy or difficult as learning. The difficulty lies in learning your willpower. If you have the power of passion and will, nothing is difficult. In terms of time, spend one hour 6 months every day learning and practicing.

Learning from a tarot reader will speed up your learning.

9. Brian Baulsom, a 40-Year-Old Practitioner – Wrote The Book “The Cycle of Growth.”

Nothing is harder than anything else.

To prove it, for the first time, I got my wife to shuffle cards and read explanations from a book. I was surprised when I realized what I was talking about (not me).

Then the only thing was to continue the cards one by one and remember the money. It took a long time.

How can I be a better Tarot reader?

If you want to be a good Tarot reader, it is very important to take some advice to help you be very experienced and professional.

The suggestions are as follows:

  • Every reader is different from his own place. Take a look at what you thought about what you wanted to do.
  • When you search for any information will appear with a free-ended query.
  • Answering questions about time is always very complicated but not impossible.
  • Death and the Devil’s Cards may seem evil to everyone, but they are not (usually) evil.
  • Tarot often helps to make sure that what you already know or want to know is correct.
  • You need to be aware of the support you provide to other people when you read Tarot.

How long does it take to read Tarot cards professionally?

If you are interested in reading, then time will not be a hindrance in any way, but if you feel strange or uncertain, then you must make it easy to save the guide you will read.

Duration can be two minutes to two hours, up to four hours. What matters most is what kind of reader you are and how perfect your work is. How deeply you have realized the tarot cards.


Those who read the Tarot all read from their own faith and help others through it. It can be complicated, but simplification is the responsibility of any tarot reader.

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