How to Read Marseilles Tarot Cards in 2021?

The tarot of Marseilles or Tarot de Marseilles is widely known for its homeland is an ancient french deck that inspires many modern tarot patterns and design. This deck includes Christian images and floral designs that act as fillers or symbols depending on your calling.

When you learn more about the tarot of marseille you will find that much of it depends on your point of view. When you read the marseille spreads it helps to learn more about the possible interpretations and applications of the historical Style.

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Hisotry of Reading Marseilles Tarot cards

The tarot of Marseille is a century older than the popular Waite Colman Smith deck. Its patterns in some original stories traced back to 15th century Italy. The 56 card Deck finally acquired vogue in the 1850s when artists and card makers created similar designs in Marseilles and other French cities.

Borrowing from the card game design of the Italian game, it was first created for entertainment purposes, it was adopted by spiritual communities in the 17th century, and it was quite popular in Europe for divine purposes.

Now, to read the Marseilles of tarot cards you need to follow some points.

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Steps to Read Marseilles Tarot cards

The first and important step is to easily forget. You need to forget everything that you know about tarot and start with a beginner mind.

Tarot de marseille started as a deck of card games just for fun and enjoyment. So, play on these cards! Don’t overload them with extra money, mystery visits, and correspondence.

Scholars agree that cards were not originally encrusted with kabbalah, astrology, hermetic philosophy, chemistry, etc. They were and still are just images to stimulate your imagination thinking and deep unconscious process.

The best way to approach a tarot de marseille is like drawing in an art museum. The key to explaining your own Marseilles is to make sure you have the right mindset when you start.

In contrast to the popular Colman Waite tarot deck made for lucky purposes, the card game deck of Marseilles was made. That means your tarot spread will be wide open to interpretation.

Always use at least two cards. Cards are sometimes presented in isolation. It is the interactions of the two cards or more from which we derived money.

Many tarot de Marseilles use 3-5 cards in a straight line without any spread position. Just look at them and ask if they were a comic or story Book. Ask yourself, “What’s going on in this story?” Remember that.

Now scan the card as far as you can. You get some emotions that you feel just note it. Note everything carefully your memories, emotions, and so on. Your brain will create some unique connections between the card and your own life, and it will also take patterns to connect the cards and form a story. Listen to this story and then search for the deeper meaning of each card.

These steps can be an effective way to read Marseilles Tarot cards for the beginning readers. Happy Reading.


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