Is psychology a social science | why is psychology considered a social science?

Psychology is a science that investigates human perception and thinking in a social situation.  Is psychology a social science? It is confusing and cannot describe in a single word. Different experts show their different opinion and logic. We will try to identify the main theme and connection between these two brought concepts.

What is psychology all about?

Psychology is the discipline of behavior and cognitive process. The cognitive process indicates human perception, thinking, reasoning, motivation, attention, memory, emotions, etc. That comes from the Greek word psyche means soul and logos. So, psychology is also an investigation of the soul. Psychology concern with how people think, act, and why they behave the way they think.

Social science definition

Social science is the scientific study of human society and human social behavior. It represents and observes human behaviors according to social rules which maintain by human relationships. Psychology studies human behavior in responding to physical and social stimuli.

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Can psychology be considered a branch of social science?

As we know, psychology is the science of the mind. The mind belongs to the individual, and the individual belongs to society. People show their perception, thinking, and other social actions by belonging the society. Some of the psychological areas are more connected with natural science, whereas others are social science. Consequently, we can say psychology is a branch of social science.

How are psychology and social science-related?

The beginning of psychology starts through Wilhelm Wundt. He established the laboratory for human psychology in Leipzig, Germany, in 1879.

The laboratories are mostly linked to physics or biology. Psychological follow the scientific method like experimentation, hypotheses testing, observation. Psychology encompasses various fields, for example,

  • cognitive process
  • language acquisition
  • human development
  • neurodevelopment
  • childhood mental disorder and
  • other acute and chronic mental illness.

All of these investigations continue through society or social science (also can be termed as natural science or physical science). As a result, we can say both psychological concepts and social science concepts are interrelated.

Why is psychology considered a social science?

Psychological research accumulates by scientific methods for data collection to interpretation. All of the data are collected objectively rather than subjective interpretation (or formation of scientific theories). This is also the main characteristic of social science. We cannot deny the impact of the socio-cultural and physical contribution to psychological research.

People belong to biological science. And the behavior means the adaptation of an individual physical and social environment. So, we can say people are social beings, and psychology is a social science.

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