Mythical Goddess Tarot Deck Review & Guide

I am a tarot enthusiast with a love for tarot imagery, so I was thrilled to receive the Mythical Goddess Tarot deck for review. This deck is a gorgeous work of art. Each card has dozens of details, from the detailed gemstones to the ornamental borders, making this a truly inspiring deck of cards.

The art inspires questions, which is a good thing, because both this deck and the companion deck, the Mythical Tarot, have questions that the reader needs to answer while using the cards. This deck has some different symbolism than the companion deck, which perhaps explains why reviewers have differing opinions. The companion deck, however, has a companion deck, which I reviewed here.

I like that the cards are a standard size and that the illustrations are transparent (that makes it easy to see how the images connect with the cards, and you can read central images without looking at the whole card).

About Author

The deck is created by the author Sage Holloway.

Sage Holloway is the best-selling author of the Mythical Goddess Tarot, as well as Animal Healing and Vibrational Medicine and the Pocket-full of Goddesses: A Blessing Oracle.

Mythical Goddess Tarot Deck and Guidebook Set
  • Used Book in Good Condition
  • Sage Holloway (Author)

Mythical Goddess Tarot Deck and Guidebook Set Review

In a boxed set, there’s a 78-card Tarot deck with a full-color 128-page handbook. Through her numerous faces, you have direct access to the Goddess. Beginners and long-time professionals alike can benefit from this simple-to-use tarot deck. Take a look at what experts have to say: The Mythical Goddess Tarot combines modern inspiration and optimism with old future global myths and legends of the profound feminine principle, guiding us toward a life of peace and love.

These captivating Cards, which are brilliantly illustrated, trigger the knowledge of the past inherent in our human consciousness. Now is the moment to let these throbbing archetypal symbols create magic, the universe’s lifeblood. Mythical Goddess by James Wanless, Voyager Tarot Tarot is a piece of beauty as well as a powerful spiritual instrument. This tarot will delight art lovers and tarot fans alike. Sage Holloway and Katherine Skaggs have devised a tool to help you connect to the Divine Feminine on the outside and the Sacred Feminine on the inside.

Mythical Goddess Tarot Deck and Guidebook Set; Features and Specifications

Published by Soul Sistas Creative Productions, edition on (March 1, 2009).

Comes in the English language and the weight of the item: is 14.4 ounces.

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Previous Buyer’s Experience
  • The matriarchal structure and motifs in this piece of art.
  • The vibrant colors and feminine spirit are breathtaking.
  • The knowledge contained in the book and deck is great
  • The graphics are beautiful, and the words are compelling.


  • The pictures on this tarot deck are extremely lovely.
  • powerful messages to go along with it
  • Sitting with the visuals from each card for a few minutes might bring up new insights and messages.
  • Each goddess’s artwork is breathtaking.


  • No cons at all.

In summary, the Mythical Goddess Tarot is a curious deck. There’s a lot of weight given to the Temperance card, especially if the deck is read upside down. The Hierophant card, which depicts a man in priestly robes, can come across as intimidating and unpleasant. Some readers also point out the Tarot’s inherent, multicultural nature, which is reflected in the cards’ images, and its appropriation from other religions. The deck’s creators, however, were aware that the deck’s images could be seen as offensive, and they included a message at the beginning of the book explaining their reasons for depicting certain images. Overall, the deck is aesthetically pleasing, and it comes with an informative and comprehensive guidebook.

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