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The Page of Wands (also known as Jack, Knave of Wands, or Batons) is a card found in Latin matched decks such as tarot decks. It’s part of the Minor Arcana, as it’s known among tarot card readers. The Page of Wands tarot card depicts a young man dressed elegantly. He set in the center of a vast and desolate landscape, speaking aloud about his hopes and objectives to no one in specific. He holds a long wand in his hands and looks at it with assurance.

The Page of Wands is a traditional tarot card from the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot deck, which has been popular in the English-speaking world since it was first published in 1910. In the original deck, the Page of Wands is white, with a red border and a white upright man holding a wand in his right hand.

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Key Interpretation (Yes/No)

The Page of Wands is a card that says yes. It represents your earlier self’s boldness. This card promotes taking a risk and prospering in order to achieve success. It also promotes doing something before creating a strategy. This can obviously be of high quality, but it can also lead to you engaging in initiatives without a full understanding of the implications for your existence. Altogether, this is a highly upbeat card that can also indicate positive news on the road. The Page of Wands indicates favorable results if you’ve been searching for a resolution.

The Page of Wands reversed is a no card. Also, the Page of Wands suggests that if you’re considering a new idea or endeavor, you should think twice because the ideal time hasn’t been reached yet. Give its steps to make sure you’re open to future challenges. There’s also a risk that someone in your existence is attempting to damage your existence by focusing on your flaws. This card might also signify a loss of desire to keep working, especially if you aren’t working the way you want right away. Even if you haven’t gotten the outcomes you wanted yet, you must keep going.

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Page of Wands Feelings

When it comes to sentiments, the Page of Wands is often associated with boldness, vigor, and enthusiasm.

Page of Wands Reversed Love

The inverted Page of Wands has a powerful signal for singles: You must be certain of what you are searching for. You probably have a lot of ideas floating around in your head, but you’re not sure what you’re searching for.

This card frequently foreshadows people who are aimlessly traveling through their lives and thoughts, unsure of what or who they would like to devote to. It’s pointless to look for love just for the sake of looking for love; instead, sit down and think about what you really want. If you obtain the reversed Page of Wands, it’s time to re-evaluate back and explore within for solutions.

The card usually denotes a lack of enthusiasm in the present for individuals in a relationship. This card frequently occurs after the newlywed period has passed and the gushing emotions have subsided.

It can, however, also signify other failures that have caused your relationship to become stale. Understand that a relationship is a journey, not a destination. Find new ways of doing things in your relationship and rekindle your interest in it. The reversed Page of Wands does not symbolize a bad omen in and of itself; it just speaks to what’s going on in your life right now. So pay attention to the information and find answers before the situation worsens.

Page of Wands Advice

This card is known as a Page in classic decks, but as a Princess in some contemporary decks. In this placement, this card says that you won’t be able to figure out how to make life simpler until you’ve researched your surroundings.

Page of Wands as a Person

The Page of Wands is a person with a lively personality who is readily enthused.

Page of Wands Tarot Meaning


When we view the Page of Wands, we see a young man who is enthralled by the world and eager to learn more about it. He knows what he needs to do and is driven to achieve, but his thoughts stay vague due to his lack of expertise and perhaps a fear of the future. He sees new lands to investigate, new chances he could simply take benefit of, and he even has the “larger picture” vision required to succeed. Despite this, he has a proclivity to either stay inactive or become easily diverted by one notion after another. If he doesn’t manage to regulate his emotions, he may miss out on the chance to develop.

When you obtain the Page of Wands, it simply signifies that something within you is prompting you to make findings, invest, or undertake the next step in your life. You may be about to act on a specific opinion, but contradictory signals keep popping up in your head, discouraging you.

This card represents the internal conflicts that are blocking you from showing your bravery to the world and letting the world know that you belong for a cause. This card is usually a source of confidence for those who are knowledgeable enough. It should inspire you to go past your own setbacks and aggressively push your concepts into the actual world.

Get rid of the fear, assemble your resources, and get to work. Let the world know you’re there, and you’re not joking about continuing down the route you’ve chosen. Conquer all obstacles, let your thoughts shine, and let the world know who you are because this card represents a level of achievement that can only be attained by the use of bravery.


The reversed Page of Wands represents fresh concepts or ambitions that, despite our greatest efforts, we are unable to put into action. This can be caused by a variety of circumstances, but it essentially means that we continually running against roadblocks, whether they are external or internal.

There are typically two ways to interpret the card when it comes to decisions within our control. You may have a bunch of thoughts for new initiatives or businesses, but you can’t manage to get all of the information in order.

This card frequently represents people who have a lot of thoughts but have a hard time putting them down on paper. Of course, motivation is essential for achieving any goal, but you’ll need some assistance to turn your thoughts into actionable steps.

The card, on the other hand, can symbolize the opposing side of the equation. You may be deficient in imagination, adaptability, and concepts. You’re trapped and can’t think of anything else to help you move forward with your objectives or setting new ones. Slow growth is typically a result of exhaustion, so taking a break or insight meditation might assist you to rekindle your imagination.

Of course, the card will occasionally warn us about uncontrollable factors. External causes may cause a program to be postponed or discontinued entirely. In these situations, it’s critical to be patient enough to wait for the barriers to achieve their conclusion before trying anew.

Page of Wands Timing

The Page of Wands is associated with a significant idea that is put into practice. This occurrence could happen within the next 1-11 days.

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Page of Wands Health


It’s past time to take control of your health. Despite your good fortune thus far, making continual changes in your fitness routine and diet habits can help you live a better and less hectic life in the future. Being cautious also entails not procrastinating on your medical check-ups. You are solely responsible for your physical health.


A recent health issue sapped a lot of your vitality, causing your general health to deteriorate. Call out to your friends and family to help you break free from this vicious cycle. Many individuals in your existence want to assist you; they’re just reluctant since they understand how important your freedom is to you. You’ll be back on course in no time if you let them realize you need help.

Page of Wands Relationship


The Page of Wands is a flashing big sign asking you to take problems and develop yourself out there if you’re searching for a love relationship. Adhering to your old schedule won’t help you meet your new woman. You’ll be astounded by what you find if you travel to places you wouldn’t ordinarily go to or start discussions with folks you’d usually avoid.


Your relationship has lately taken a turn for the worst, and you’re not sure what the future holds. Your temptation may be to demand an engagement sign from your partner, but this would only drive you further apart. Allow for some breathing room in your relationship so that you may both assess your lengthy objectives.


Page of Wands (Wands Page) When the Page of Wands appears in a circumstance, it means that the Seeker desires more significance and duty in their existence and that they will manufacture excitement out of restlessness and a lack of vision. People with the Page of Wands reversed are unable to let their light shine for whatever cause. They are frequently artistically stalled and weary.

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