Prism Oracle Deck- Review (PROs & CONs)-2023

Prism Oracle Deck Review

Prism Oracle is a new tarot deck that will make you more aware of your intuition. It will help you connect with your true self and inner voice by using the color of the most essential elements in your life.

Also, it will help you identify your core values and guide you with the proper actions to follow. This deck will allow you to tap into your intuition and be a better version of yourself.

The deck is hand-drawn and hand-cut by me, and it is full of inspirational messages and personal thoughts from my life. Each card tells a story that was important to me when making it.

We have provided the details on The Prism Oracle Deck in the articles. Please have a look at them below.

Prism Oracle Deck Meanings:

The deck is a Unique Oracle- Drawn from color theory, psychology, and magic; this deck reveals how to explain the power of our deep connection with color. It is a powerful tool for accessing answers within it.

It is an excellent tool for self-reflection- using these cards to gain insight into a specific question, think about a decision, set a goal, or search for yourself. The guidebook provides seven spreads for reading according to each of those investigations.

Prism Oracle: Tap into Your Intuition with the Magic of...
  • Prism Oracle - Set of 45 Cards
  • Pivirotto, Nicole (Author)

About Author

The deck was created by Nicole Pivirotto, a designer, art director, and creator of aesthetic magic. She is Ricky’s master and respiratory therapist and reads tarot and Akashic Records.

Prism Oracle Deck Review

This deck discovers the power of color. It is a unique deck that uses the language of color to tap into your intuition.

This animated deck explores the link between colors and emotions with 45 cards, each of a different color. Each card features a powerful state like creativity, frustration, or reflection.

The guidebook guides how to interpret cars as a message of your higher nature and how to persuade your surroundings with the power of cards through meditations and altar building.

This beautiful, insightful deck features the illuminated image on each card and modern metallic edges enclosed in a rainbow-colored, foil-stamped keepsake box.

With a colorful design with stunning foil stamping on the edges of the box and card, this deck is as beautiful to use as it is to display as illuminating.

A great gift for color lovers and modern seekers.

Prism Oracle- features and specifications:

The Chronicle Books published the deck On March 09, 2021. It comes in the English language. It has a 45-page guidebook and weighs 10.6 ounces. Also, it has 3.3*1.55*5.3 dimensions of inches.

  • The deck features a vibrant deck that explores the links between color and emotion with 45 cards, each of a different hue.
  • Each card has a unique energetic state, such as creativity, frustration, or reflection.

User’s Experience:

  • The packaging is excellent, and I can’t resist the foil and holographic features.
  • Some users claimed that the primitive gilded cards are a great touch, but there are some real issues beyond that.
  • The deck is of total visual simplicity, its definitions are quick reads, but the insightful messages are profound.
  • Some of its card definitions have great questions to prompt daily journaling practices.
  • The appearance of the cards is gorgeous, and the edges of the card are gold, an array of colors, and a cut on the side of the box.
  • The deck comes with a little guidebook which is helpful with readings.
  • The book is a very informative full-color guidebook featuring several great spreads they have used.
  • It is a bright-colored deck with beautiful gold edges with holographic shades.
  • The deck is a perfect deck for modern mystics.
  • It helps to gain insight into specific questions, make decisions, and check ourselves.
  • The deck provides a sturdy box with an eye-catching foil stamp and edges with a colorful design.
  • It helps us to tap into our intuition by using this color deck.
  • It reveals our deep connection with this powerful tool for interpreting energy and accessing the answers within.
  • The deck of cards is thick and is easier to shuffle.
  • The deck is an ideal gift for color lovers and modern seekers.
  • Its guidebook provided all the information and relevant instructions.
  • The deck has quality control issues.
  • The deck of its card stock is flimsy and cheap.


Just as the name suggests, the Prism Oracle Deck is a deck of cards created with beautifully crafted cards containing powerful messages and bits of wisdom from the creators. So, we hope you have understood all the details we provided in the articles. Feel free to choose this Prism Oracle deck.

Happy Shopping.

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