Red vs Blue Tarot Cards | Which One is Best?

If you were to take two decks of Tarot cards and ask a group of people which deck would be better for the future, chances are the blue and red decks would stand out as the more popular choice. However, while the blue and red decks are similar in style and content, they represent completely different perspectives on life.

There have never been any decks as popular as these two. The Red Tarot is a direct descendant of the Tarot de Marseille, a deck that was first created in the 17th Century and is still in use today. The Blue Tarot was created by Aleister Crowley in 1904 and influenced his belief in Thelema, a set of occult principles. Crowley believed the deck was “a sacred relic of the past, which must be handled with reverence and respect, and never used for divination.”

Luckily, there are more options than just the traditional Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot deck. And while they’re all interesting in their own ways, the winner by far has to be the Red vs. Blue Tarot deck. While both look similar at first glance, their differences make them unique.

Red Tarot Cards

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Red tarot cards are referred to as fire representing action, passion, inspiration, energy, and blood. It is also referred to as a warm, life-giving substance, mercury, mars, the suit of wands, and astrologically fire signs. It indicates a strong desire for life, as well as fury, lust, and other animal instincts, which is why lions in strength cards are tinted red, and many other cards also tint as red.

While red tarot cards tend to be more expensive and less accurate, they are the traditional choice for most serious readers. The color red reminds you of fire, passion, and spirit and gives you the extra confidence you need to do a strong reading.

I recommend this deck for its usefulness as a divination tool. The cards are useful for readings in a traditional layout and can be arranged to define a narrative. While they are not the most appealing cards I own, the images are useful, and the deck is an essential addition to my collection.

Blue Tarot Cards

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This blue color refers to an element of water and the subconscious mind. These cards give peace and freedom to one’s life. It inspires them and helps them to imagine for good purposes. Many cards have a deep blue sky in the background of the images. Some of them are of a High priestess, The Hermit, The Star, The Moon, Eight of cups, and Two of swords. Anyone wearing blue attire is likely to be contemplative or tap into their subconscious (UW King of Cups).

Review of the differences between Red and Blue tarot cards

  • Red in tarot cards indicates that the cards are illustrated with red color, whereas Blue tarot cards indicate blue color where all the cards are illustrated with blue.
  • The red card tarot denotes elements of fire, whereas the Blue card tarot denotes water elements.
  • Red represents action, passion, and inspiration for life, whereas Blue represents inner peace, freedom, and inspiration.
  • Red tarot cards give passion and warm life, whereas Blue tarot cards give freedom to the subconscious mind.

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In conclusion, red tarot cards and blue tarot cards are different from each other. The blue tarot cards are designed to be more accurate. However, red tarot cards are designed for deep thought and spiritual development.

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