Online Tarot vs Real Tarot | Which One is Best?

Real tarot readers are more likely to be empathic, sensitive, and understanding. Hence, they can see what is happening in a client’s life, understand the issues at hand, and help them find their own path to the light. Online tarot stories have been around since long before the internet, and they have seen a lot of changes since they were first invented. From the earliest days, tarot stories were only available online, but as a result, the tarot stories were never as reliable as tarot readings that are done in person.

Many services offer online tarot card readings, but what if you want to learn how to read tarot cards for yourself and not rely on someone else? Do you trust tarot readings that come from random people on the Internet? Or would you rather learn to read tarot cards for yourself, using the knowledge gained from years of experience in reading tarot cards for others?

Online Tarot

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Online tarot is known as where tarot reading is done online. There are some sites online where talented practitioners provide a variety of options. They unlock your future with a full of choices. There is a free site for tarot readings. Anyone can sign up and connect with talented practitioners for guidance and answers.

Real Tarot

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Real tarot is known as where tarot reading is done in real life through shuffling and pulling cards. A set of cards related to different subjects readers choose according to their purposes. In every deck, there is a set of cards. All cards have beautiful images and arrive with a respective meaning. It included a guidebook that provided all the details and instructions for using the cards.

Review of the differences between Online tarot and Real tarot

  • Online tarot is much preferable to real tarot.
  • There is no need to use online tarot by yourself, whereas in real tarot, you need to shuffle it by yourself.
  • In online tarot, you don’t need any guidebook to know there are professional practitioners, whereas, in real tarot, you need a guidebook to know the details.
  • Online tarot provides free sign-up tarot reading, whereas you need to buy a deck in real tarot.
  • An online tarot for a tarot reading takes less time, whereas conducting a tarot reading takes much time in a real tarot.
  • In online tarot, practitioners guide us and show us a path, whereas, in real tarot, reading cards provide us with messages.


In conclusion, if you have a question you need answering, consult a real Tarot reader. However, when you want fun, an hour’s entertainment, or just a break from the rigors of everyday life, there’s nothing better than this free online Tarot reading. Remember, there’s no need to take everything as gospel truth. The Tarot is a tool for self-exploration, not a crystal ball to predict the future.

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