Sacred Rebels Oracle Deck Review & Guide

Sacred Rebels Oracle Deck is 78 cards that will help you find your authentic path and discover the gifts you have been given.

The Sacred Rebels Oracle is a beautiful and meaningful deck of cards. Although the cards are rich in symbolism, they are also straightforward and practical, leaving room for personal interpretation.

This deck can help you gain a better understanding of yourself and make your life more meaningful.

We have provided the details on the Sacred Rebels Oracle in the article. Check them out below.

Sacred Rebels Oracle Card Meanings:

Sacred Rebels Oracle is a revolutionary approach to life guidance and self-development.

It is a guided journey to find a soul-led purpose, fulfill your destiny, and create sustainable change.

Based on the authors’ extensive research and experience, Sacred Rebels Oracle challenges you to step into your power and follow your intuition.

Sacred Rebels Oracle: Guidance for Living a Unique &...
  • Fairchild, Alana (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

About Author:

This deck was created by the Authors Alana Fairchild and Autumn Skye Morrison.

Alana Fairchild is an internationally best-selling author who serves as a creative visionary spiritual teacher and a beloved inspirational speaker. While she has produced more than 20 oracle decks, 30 albums of sacred music, and 13 books, she has also created 30 video programs on sacred meditation and other new-age topics, along with 13 e-books.

Autumn Sky Morrison’s home is located north of Powell River on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Canada, and she lives and paints there. While working in her studio, she has a panoramic view of the ocean, islands, mountains, and the blue sky. She feels she’s one of the very few privileged people in the world.

Sacred Rebels Oracle Review:

Don’t merely follow in the footsteps of others, but live your own unique, inspired life and contribute your light to the world as a sacred offering.

Stirring and meaningful guidance are both provided in this oracle deck that comes with a beautiful and stirring design. Develop your unique characteristics and celebrate them. Allow yourself to fully come into existence and speak your authentic truths to understand your own uniqueness and inspire creativity; use these cards.

A hardcover book with a matching deck and a 184-page guidebook comes with it.

Sacred Rebels Oracle Deck- Features and Specifications:

The Llewellyn publications published this deck, Box Cards/P edition, on January 08, 2015. It comes in the 180 pages of the guidebook and is 1.02 pounds. Also, it has 5*1*6.75 dimensions of inches.

  • It features 45 card decks and 184 pages of a guidebook that have provided all the relevant information and easiest advice.
  • It guides us through the sacred rebel oracle for living a unique and authentic life.

Previous Buyer’s Experience:

  • The guidebook is a bit larger than most decks and shuffles and is of good quality card stock.
  • The deck included art designs that are unique and beautiful.
  • The author provided easy exercise to do with each card, simple yet powerful word alchemy.
  • The images are rich in color and provide short messages on each card.
  • The images are captivating, and its booklet is delicious and intuitively spot on.
  • The book doesn’t have negative messages, only validation and support to move forward.
  • The quality of the card is a perfect thickness and not too glossy.
  • All the cards come up with the perfect detailed answer.
  • The cards are large but easy enough to shuffle.
  • The deck of the cards is big, and artwork is beautiful, and the little book which accompanies the cards gives you a “healing process” that helps you start your healing. It works great in a healing reading to get extra insight.
  • The deck provides unique and worthwhile insights.
  • Its artwork is inspiring and meaningful write-ups in the book.
  • This deck supports us through guidance and awakens our sacred, rebellious hearts.
  • The deck of each card shuffles well, and the card stock is of good quality.
  • This deck is applicable for beginners, but for advanced readers, this may not be worth it for them.


The Rebel Oracle can be your own personal, sacred, and divine guide. Each card is meant to aid in conversation with your soul, spirit, or higher self. This book provides corresponding interpretations, along with a guide to creating your own cards. So, we hope that you have understood all the details on this deck that we have provided in the article.

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