Tarot Cards Vs Oracle Cards: Which One is Best?

Tarot Cards Vs Oracle Cards Which One is Best

Tarot Cards Vs Oracle Cards: Are you in search of getting Tarot cards or Oracle cards? But, you don’t know the differences and are confused between the two cards to buy?

Tarot cards are a type of deck of cards that are used in divination. Tarot cards have a long history, and they are still used today by many people to answer questions about the future and give advice about the present.

Moreover, tarot decks are a type of deck of cards that have been designed to be used for divination or fortune-telling. You can use Tarot cards in many ways, including self-reflection, helping you make decisions, and getting answers to your questions about the future.

You must be thinking both are the cards and used for divination purposes then, what will be their differences. Well, we have provided the differences between the Tarot and Oracle cards in the article.

Tarot cards are a popular divination device that is associated with occult and esoteric practices. A favorite of fortune-tellers and psychics, Tarot cards are ancient; the oldest deck is called the Visconti deck and is dated to 1392.

Oracle cards, on the other hand, are a more recent phenomenon. While the Tarot came into being nearly 700 years ago, oracle cards are, by comparison, a recent innovation.

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Tarot Cards Deck

The Original Tarot Cards Deck with Guide Book for Beginners,...
  • original tarot deck created by Pamela Colman Smith in 1909, this is a...
  • includes 86-page guidebook with pictures, upright and reversed card...

The Tarot cards are most commonly in the dominant Tarot religion. Although Tarot cards are now most commonly used for divination, they were originally used throughout Europe as a standard playing card deck.

Tarot is a set of 78 cards in two groups; major arcana and minor arcana. Tarot is used to play games or fortune-telling. Tarot was firstly innovated in the 1430s in Italy. It has 22 major arcana cards and 56 minor arcana cards, which altogether makes 78 cards. 56 minor arcana cards come with four suits where each includes 14 cards.

Today, Tarot cards are used throughout the world for both divination and games. The word Tarot comes from the French tarot, which has no known etymology. There are many theories regarding its origin.

The most common one states that it is derived from an Italian river, the Taro. Another one states that it comes from the name of the game called Tarocchi, which later turned into a Tarot.

Oracle Cards Deck

The Starseed Oracle: A 53-Card Deck and Guidebook
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  • It comes in a secure Package

Oracle cards are used for divination, story-telling, or spiritual guidance purposes. Oracles come with an unset number. Oracle cards make their own rules. They are the modern version of tarot cards. They don’t have any guidelines to follow.

The Oracle Cards are a set of “traditionally styled” tarot cards. They are different from a traditional tarot deck because they contain the 22 Major Arcana and the 56 Minor Arcana cards. The Oracle Cards come in two parts: one deck is for the Major Arcana (the big, symbolic cards) and the other for the Minor Arcana (the small, “pips” cards).

Tarot Cards Vs Oracle Cards is always a controversial and intriguing debate. It’s a question that has been asked for many centuries and has been the source of much debate.

Tarot cards and oracle cards are both very popular forms of divination that use the same clairvoyance method, the art of perceiving what is hidden. However, it’s what they are used for which makes them different.

Review of the Differences Between Tarot Cards and Oracle Cards

Tarot cards are usually traditional structure decks. Most of the deck is based on Rider Waite. They come with 78 cards. All these decks might be different. They may have different pictures and images but have the same meanings and structures. They come with many rules.

On the other hand, oracle cards have no selected numbers. They may come with different number decks. Some decks may have 44; some may have 70 or, some may have 120. Oracle cards come with different structures and meanings. They have few rules and make rules by themselves.

In oracle, we don’t need to follow any guidelines as we need to follow in tarot. Oracle cards help to insight into what’s going on in our life. They are used for guidance while tarot not only guides us, they provide all the details of each card.

For example- Oracle is a big house and all the stuff inside the house is tarot.

An oracle deck comes in a different shape. They work on specific symbols that allow the details to acquire the subject the people are using. Tarot is a fixed type. They must have a 78 card in every deck, and all the meanings should be the same, just slight variations in the images.

If you want to start Occult practices, then start your first reading journey with the below deck.

In tarot cards, The most famous and traditional deck is the Rider Waite deck. This was first fabricated in 1909 by Pamela Colman Smith. This deck inspired all the modern decks. All the modern deck keeps the same meanings; add a new image.

In the Oracle card, The sacred destiny oracle is the most helpful and perfect guide for beginners. It comes with 52 cards and has a guidebook. The guidebook provides clear information and easy to steer. The themes come with nature. If you are a nature lover, go with this deck.

Finale Verdict

So, we hope that you have understood the differences between tarot cards and oracles cards. Both the cards are easy to use and help understand what your alertness is creating and bring all the hidden blockage that delays your progression. Both the cards provide information that gives you strength and inspiration.

We will suggest you choose any of the decks according to your choices. Both are perfect at their own features.

Happy Shopping.

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