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The Tarot de la Santa Muerte is a silver-foiled tarot deck. The cards are printed on top of a board as a sanctuary for the cards as a physical representation of the divine psyche as the ultimate source of knowledge and energy. Let’s check the Tarot de la Santa Muerte Review.


Tristan (Author), David Bervera (Editor) & Roberto Castro (Illustrator)

Tarot de la Santa Muerte (Spanish Edition)
  • Tristan (Author)
  • Spanish (Publication Language)

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Tarot de la Santa Muerte Review:

Santa Muerte is a sacred being product of popular beliefs without specific theological structure or mythology. The belief of this specific concept has been venerated in Mexico in this way since colonial times and has been hidden in private for a long time. Being the product of the combination of the forms of worship to divinities of death in pre-Hispanic cultures, with Catholicism imposed by the Spanish.

Motivated by the desire of many faithful and followers of Santa Muerte to have an accurate Tarot with images inspired by her, this Berbera Editores project has been carried out, and it is for this public and their life situations that have taken as a reference for its creation.

This Tarot has tried to adapt to the current reality of the Mexican population in particular and the Latin American population in general. For this reason, in several of his images, images of Mexico City and situations that occur, or may occur, are seen and combined with metaphorical representations.

The cards have been designed thinking not only of professional Tarot readers but also of people who consult it themselves without previous experience. Therefore, they have descriptive words in each card of the minor arcana that help a quick interpretation.

Features and Specifications:

It is available in the paperback version on Amazon in the language of Spanish. It was published on 30th July 2014 by Berbera Editores Publications. Also, it weighs about 9.6 ounces and has a dimension of about 4.8 x 2.9 x 1.4 inches.

  • This deck has 80 cards.
  • The deck has a 63-page accompanying guidebook.
  • The cards consist of 24 cards of Major Arcana and 56 cards of Minor Arcana.

Users’ Experience:

  • Overall, this deck is recommended to anyone interested and intrigued with Santa Muerte and tarot.
  • This deck is rather unique from the other decks illustrated by Fabio Listrani.
  • Some of the customers who’re Mexican verify the authenticity of these cards.
  • The cards carry the common aspects of Mexican culture with all its glorious machismo.
  • The cards have both artwork and writing on them.
  • The cards have separate keywords to enhance the meaning of each of them.
  • The edge’s color and design are matched to its Arcana.
  • The cards all have maidens in them, which is quite interesting.
  • The cards have a little bit of grime and the whole truth and are not prissy in their approach.
  • The cards all hold essential messages.
  • The colors and drawings of these cards are very vivid.
  • The meanings of these cards are easy to depict and easier to understand.
  • The cards don’t beat around the bush and give us naked depictions.
  • Drawing cards from this deck will answer your question and cater to your thoughts with its uncanny accuracy.
  • The cards are printed in full-colour glossy print and laminated on both sides.
  • The deck originated from Mexico and has authenticity.
  • The deck’s art, imagery, and visuals all follow popular and common Mexican arts and literature.
  • The deck’s art follows the patterns and inspiration from the original RWS deck.
  • The card stock is sturdy, and the cards have an excellent gloss to them.
  • Shuffling these cards is comfortable and handling them is satisfying.
  • The cards and guidebook all have very nicely written Spanish as this edition is purely for native speakers.
  • The booklet contains detailed meanings and descriptions of each of the cards precisely.
  • Before using, the cards tend to stick together for their glossy print and lamination.


To know about more stories and inspirations from the heart of Mexico is to consult this deck and get the answers you desire.

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