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The tarot is a series of playing cards originally designed in France in the early 1400s. The Tarot is the oldest form of the game of cards, and it is continuously popular in today’s society.

The Tarot is used in many ways. It is used to teach people how to read their cards or as a card game and the cards are used to tell fortune.

This card is used to help people to learn about their future or their past. This card is used to express the energy of the moment and how all of this is flowing.

In the past, people used the tarot to communicate with their dead friends, family members or even predict their future.

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Tarot: No Questions Asked: Mastering the Art of Intuitive...
  • Reed, Theresa (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

About Author

This deck was created by the two authors, Theresa Reed and Rachel Pollock.

Theresa Reed is a well-known author and known as “The Tarot Lady”, an expert in reading and teaching tarot. She is also an author of The Tarot Coloring Book, Astrology for Real Life, and co-author of Tarot for Troubled Times.

Tarot: No Questions Asked: Mastering the Art of  Intuitive Reading deck Reviews

In almost all tarot books card by card explanations as well as a guide on how to read the extensions are presented. This book presents the art of reading during a workbook format, takes the subsequent logical step, and helps you learn to interpret cards intuitively.

The book is split into two parts. The first part deals with learning about cards and includes exertion for each card that teaches you to believe in your card interpretation.

The second part helps you evolve that competency, a competency that reed calls intuitive. All the practices, stories, card meanings, and strategies really have one purpose: learning outside of keeping the tarot alive.

It’s not enough to learn the meanings of the card. You can’t do a reading without keeping the workbook aside forever. It would help if you had intuition to deliver meaningful, accurate tarot reading.

Without a comfortable connection with your six senses, tarot readings are subtly lacking and become nothing more than cookie-cutter explanations. When you are fluent in your intuitions, you can develop better lessons and unique explanations for each person.

In this book, Reed pointed out all the main points of reading intuitive tarot without reading any backstory questions, which should not be done. This book is full of practice to gain your intuition and sharpen your interpretation skills.

 Features and Specifications:

The Weiser books published this deck on September 01, 2020. It comes in The English language and has a 304-page guidebook. The product weighs 11.2 ounces and has 6*0.8*8 dimensions of inches.

  • The booklet provided all the information on how to read in a workbook format.
  • The deck includes a 304-page booklet and has 78 cards.
  • It gains your intuition and sharpens your skills.
  • The deck of the booklet provided all the easiest interpretations on each card.
  • It provided all the meaning on Celtic cross, spread, and each of the 78 major and minor arcana cards.
  • The deck is easier to read and well written.
  • The deck lacks to provide valuable information.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

What Is Intuition mean?

Intuition is a term with a somewhat nebulous definition that can have different meanings for different people. What one person regards as a sense of knowing, another person may consider being pure imagination. It is a way of knowing, while for others, it is a way of seeing.

How Tarot Boost Intuition?

Tarot cards are used for divination, a method of exploring your subconscious to gain insights into your personality and future. It also a booster of positive energy. The cards are laid out in a specially created deck and the reading begins with a question to the tarot reader. Then, they shuffle the cards and proceed to read the cards one at a time. The cards are read both forwards and backwards, giving a deeper insight into your personality. The cards can also reveal the events that could happen in the future, giving you forewarning of what is to come.

Do Barnes and Noble sell Tarot?

After months of research online, I finally visited a Barnes and Noble store and bought a Tarot card deck. The cards are made by US Games, which has been in business since 1988.

How many tarot cards in a pack?

If you’re new to the tarot card game, you’re probably wondering how many cards you need to play. Well, the answer is more or less a crapshoot.

The tarot is a deck of cards with 78 cards drawn from the Major Arcana or the four suits: cups, swords, wands, and pentacles. The cards are numbered from 1 through 22, which in turn are numbered from 1 through 14. The Minor Arcana consists of court cards or face cards. They are numbered from 11 through, after a gap, 21.

On the other hand, this answer is not entirely accurate as you might expect. For instance, some books recommend a smaller number of cards than 78, while other books recommend a higher number of cards (typically between 80 and 90 cards).

Can tarot cards predict marriage?

The ancient cards of the tarot have been used for centuries to predict the future, but can they also predict your future with your significant other?

When trying to find someone to marry, there are many different factors to take into consideration. What kind of person are you looking for? Are you looking for a soul mate? Do you value honesty and loyalty when it comes to a potential spouse?

Unfortunately, a tarot reading can’t tell you all of these things, but it can provide some insight into what might come next.

Are tarot cards haram?

Is playing cards haram? If so, how can you still play cards if the cards themselves are haram? Today, many people believe playing cards, especially tarot cards, are haram.

Tarot cards are not halal, according to the Shafi’i school of thought. Using them for divination is haram, as are playing cards in general. For this reason, tarot cards are not widely used for divination.

The cards are used in other types of divination, such as numerology, astrology, palmistry, and the like. The playing cards themselves are haram, but it is perfectly permissible to shuffle them, cut them, and deal them for play.

how tarot cards can help you

Tarot is a form of divination where images are drawn in the air before the client and then interpreted.

Although tarot cards have been around for hundreds of years, their popularity is on the rise. Why? Most people consider tarot to be a form of self-healing, personal growth, and life enrichment.

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