Tarot Spreads by Barbara Moore Review

Tarot spreads by Barbara Moore is a book for all those interested in using tarot as a tool for self-development and personal growth. The spreads provide a structured way to both learn and practice reading with cards.

The famous tarot reader, educator, & workshop leader Barbara Moore shares her many years of experience in the art of reading the tarot. She shares her insight into the archetypal meanings of the cards, how to design spreads, and how to make your readings more meaningful.

Tarot Spreads: Layouts & Techniques to Empower Your Readings
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Tarot Spreads: Layouts & Techniques to Empower Your Readings
  • Tarot Spreads: Layouts & Techniques to Empower Your Readings
  • Moore, Barbara (Author)

About Author

Barbara Moore

She’s from Northern California and has been studying the art of tarot since the 1990s. She has written a dozen successful books regarding tarot during the long span of her career as a writer, including ‘Tarot for Beginners.’

Also, she has contributed to the world of tarot by delivering many bestselling tarot kits, such as ‘Mystical Manga Tarot’ and ‘Shadowscapes Tarot. She works with clients and manages workshops all over the world; some of the conferences and shows she’s spoken at and attended are- TABI, Readers’ Studio, TarotCons, etc.

As tarot had been a part of her life for more than 20 years, she has perfected the art of tarot and professional tarot readings. She’s the official consultant for Llewellyn and Lo Scarabeo, along with providing professional readings.

She sees the art of tarot as a marvelous blending of interesting things such as mythology, psychology, art, mystery, history, magical, mystical stories and mythology, etc.

The goal of her writing books about tarot is to give a voice to these cards so that people can communicate with them better; she also writes accompanying guidebooks for decks. She’s exercising her new interests as a tarot blogger for Llewellyn and also finding new and exciting hobbies and work-related to tarot to this day.

Let’s check out more on Tarot Spreads.

Tarot Spreads by Barbara Moore Review:

This book by tarot expert Barabara Moore is an easy-to-use tool to know more about the art of tarot and how to engage it. This book will help you deepen your knowledge about tarot in a fun way and help you approach the art with a free mind.

The unique quality of this book is that this contains the advice and activities usually found in tarot workshops and conferences, which are interactive and practical.

This book provides you with a real-life and insightful look at doing tarot rather than relying on bookish knowledge and completely written instructions to read and follow. The author explains all of her points in easy elaborations and helps the reader learn and accumulate the knowledge of tarot fully.

Features and Specifications:

It is available in the Kindle Reader and paperback version on Amazon in the language of English. It was published on 8th April 2012 by Llewellyn Publications. Also, it weighs about 14.6 ounces and has a dimension of about 6.05 x 0.66 x 8.9 inches.

  • The book has 264 pages.
  • Extensive discussions and advice on how to perform, create or modify spreads.
  • The book’s information of on-point and clean, and concise.
  • The book’s table of content is perfect for navigating around the book and receiving the right information and content the readers are looking for.

Users’ Experience:

  • Tarot enthusiasts recommend the book.
  • The readings are done with the help of this book are accurate and precise.
  • The layout of the book and its content is very well-organized and easy to find.
  • The book has a comfortable way of relaying tarot techniques and spreads to avoid confusing or overwhelming readers.
  • The information in the book contains something from every deck and spread, making it whole guidance to reading tarot.
  • The research and work put behind the book are worthy of praise and very impressively displayed.
  • The book has pictures, tables, and other necessary arrangements for readers to understand the author’s descriptions thoroughly.
  • The book has a collection of nearly 70 plus different-themed tarot spreads to choose and practice from.
  • The readers can choose and create the perfect spread for their own question or purpose.
  • This book also gives practical instructions on modifying a deck or spread to satisfy your own need.
  • The book has a primary activity of performing the traditional 78 card-deck formats to deepen the understanding of tarot.
  • This book helps the readers discover new ways to create their own unique and useful reading style.
  • The author shares her opinion on what makes a great tarot deck and why.
  • She also pinpoints the principle design and psychological role inside the tarot decks and what role they play.
  • This book discusses the aspects in which tarot can successfully advise us, such as finance, health, love, and relationship, achieving dreams and goals, spiritual cleansing, journey to peace, and situation-specific problems.
  • The book is beneficial for beginners.
  • The book requires a lot of time to practice and read at the same time.


This book is a must-have to make your spreads and readings more fun, accurate, and insightful. It will help you learn the basics and encourage you to push your boundaries further to expand your way of thinking and approaching tarot.

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