Tarot Spreads Workbook 60 Three to Nine Cards Layout Review

Tarot Spreads

This workbook contains sixty different three to nine cards tarot spreads. Each spread is designed to provide insight into a specific issue or question. The position of the cards in each spread is significant, and the cards’ meanings are combined to provide guidance.

The three to nine cards tarot spreads in this workbook can be used for various purposes. They can be used for general readings, insight into specific issues, or to answer specific questions. No matter what the purpose, the guidance provided by the tarot can be invaluable.

Tarot is a tool that can be used to gain clarity and understanding. The tarot spreads in this workbook are a great way to start reading the tarot. With a little practice, you can give yourself or others insightful and helpful readings.

Tarot Spreads Workbook 60 Three to Nine Cards Layout: Black...
  • Lane, Milly (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

About the Author

Milly Lane is a sophisticated author who created several publications. Most of them are like coloring books or notebooks on daily basis usage. She has shown her love for colors in her creations.

Tarot Spreads Workbook 60 Three to Nine Cards Layout: Black and White interiors (Unguided Version)

Tarot card telling is a type of divination or fortune-telling activity in which practitioners supposedly use tarot cards to acquire information about the past, existing, or destiny. They pose a question, then draw and analyze cards to answer it. It’s necessary to consider the particular meanings of each card, but it’s also crucial to consider the atmosphere and significance of the spread overall.

Though tarot cards have taken on a mysterious connotation in popular culture, they were designed to be used as a party game. In those who believe tarot cards are a prank and those who believe they are real magic, a large group of people consider them enlightening and entertaining, if not paranormal. Tarot reading (for one’s own and many others) can be an enlightening way to spend time, whether it becomes a pastime or a massive business.

Because the readers are delving into their valuable guidance and support about what the cards represent for them, tarot interpretations will be even more potent, informative, and exact. They’ll be encouraged to write their explanations for the Tarot cards in the Tarot Spreads Workbook. It’s not enough to be informed about what the Tarot cards symbolize. The goal is to figure out what the cards symbolize to them. This workbook is for Tarot Analysts who want to keep track of their readings or those of their customers.

  • The version that is not led.
  • There are 120 pages in total for 60 interpretations, with a minimum of three cards and a max of 9 cards.
  • The contents inside are black and white with a gorgeous cover.

This package was independently published on July 28, 2020. The paperback format has 120 pages and is written in English. It weighs 13.4 ounces, and its dimensions are 8.5 x 0.28 x 11 inches.

Previous Users’ Experiences

  • This is a worksheet that goes over every card in the tarot deck.
  • Some users say it is a regular logbook to track how you perceive your daily readings.
  • This workbook greatly aids readers in developing their instincts and relationships with the cards.
  • Large pages are ideal for adding to your creative area.
  • This is beneficial in tarot research.
  • Cool decoration makes it unique.
  • This version has no guidance for the users.
  • Not quite beginner-friendly.
  • Only meant for the tarot interpreters.


The Spreads Workbook 60 is a quick reference guide covering a range of spreads from 3 to 9 cards. The Spreads Workbook 60 can be used for both traditional playing cards and tarot cards. This is your chance to finally communicate with the cards in a powerful – and profound – way so that you can ace each analysis.

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