Unveiling the Mysteries: Reviewing the Tarot Library of Esoterica Deck in 2024

Tarot The Library of Esoterica is a deck dedicated to the Tarot reading, the ancient card game and divination tool that has become a favored tool of Thelema, the occult religion of Aleister Crowley the Golden Dawn.

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Tarot The Library of Esoterica Meaning:

Tarot The Library of Esoterica is a classic deck of cards. The library of Esoterica explores how artists have shaped mysticism, arcana, and obscurity over the centuries into permanent, dreamy works of art.

Each topic is displayed through modern and archival images from private collectors, libraries, and museums worldwide.

The results form a spectacular inclusive history, a study of our initial pull for dreams and nightmares, and creative ways to connect with the divine.

The book discovered behind more than 500 cards symbolic meanings and works of original art, two-thirds of which have never been published off the deck.

It is the first visual collection of its kind, extending from the middle east to the modern and artistically arranged in the order of the major and minor arcana cards.

  • Height: 9.75in / 25cm, Width: 6.75in / 17cm
  • By Jessica Hundley

About Author

This deck was created by Jessica Hundley, Johannes Fiebig, Marcela Kroll, and Thunderwing.

Jessica Hundley is an author, filmmaker, and journalist. Vogue, Rolling Stone, and The New York Times are written by her and have written books on the artist Denis Hopper, David Lynch, and Gram Parsons.

Johannes Fiebig is alo an author of this deck. He started his career teaching and editing. He is the most successful author on tarot and a leading expert in psychological interpretations of symbols and oracles.

Marcella Krool is an artist, a tarot reader, a metaphysical teacher, and a host of podcasts saved by the spell. She is the creator of the two most popular decks.

ThunderWing is a designer. He designs this Tarot deck. He is a co-founder of Nic & J.B. Taylor.

Tarot. The Library Of Esoterica Review

To explore tarot is to remind ourselves of the universality of our desire to explore our meaning, purpose, and connection to divine teachings. This 600-year old tradition is not just the history of the seekers, our way of artistic expression, and the way we liaise our collaborative human story.

Author Jessica Hundley discovered this stunning history in Tarot, the number of debuts in TASCHEN’S library in the Esoterica series.

It traversed a strong tarot as a collection for Salvador Dali and Niki de Saint Phalle. It included a deck of about 100 different contemporary artists worldwide, all of whom took the medium forward to push cultural identities.

Tarot. The Library of Esoterica- Features and Specifications:

TASCHEN published the deck on August 29, 2020. Its language is English and has a 520-page guidebook. It weighs 3.55 pounds and has a dimension of 7.1*1.7*9.7 inches.

  • The deck provides all the modern and archival images from private collectors, libraries, and museums within the world.
  • It provides a 520-page guidebook to provide information and guidance to the readers.
  • The deck provided more than 500 cards symbolically meaning.
  • The deck has beautiful artwork and information.
  • All the previous information and reading are clarified through this deck.
  • It provided all the information on the different artists and shaped mysticism and arcana.
  • The deck of the book’s text is too tiny; it hinders the reader from reading the text without using magnifying glasses.


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