Angel Wisdom Tarot-Radleigh Valentine [REVIEW]

Radleigh Valentine is an author and artist who creates angel wisdom tarot cards. This angel deck is the playing cards sprinkled with bits of angel wisdom. Radleigh takes brief, thought-provoking statements from each angel and puts them to use in his playing cards.

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Angel wisdom tarot meaning:

The angel wisdom tarot card meaning is based on the word Angel, which is the name of Radleigh Valentine’s divine guides. Angel Guides are the spiritual beings who are there to help you through difficult times in your life when you need to be protected.

This Angel wisdom tarot deck provides deeper mystical meanings to each reading in an easy-to-understand way. It comes with a 78 card along with a guidebook.

The deck is rich in spectacular imagery and symbolism. This tarot deck brings you the wisdom and power of the archangels to help you talk with the divine. You will find traditional-themed tarot messages and encouraging interpretations of the image, along with a variety of classic characters and contemporary imagery.

About Author

This angel deck was created by the author Radleigh Valentine who is a well-known spiritual teacher and author of this deck. He has written many decks including Angels tarot cards and the books on How to be your own Genie and Compendium of Magical Things. He inspires people with his angelic messages of pure love and unconditional support.

Angel Wisdom Tarot: A 78-Card Deck and Guidebook
2,869 Reviews
Angel Wisdom Tarot: A 78-Card Deck and Guidebook
  • Valentine, Radleigh (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

Angel Wisdom Tarot Review

Today, when we hear the word angel, we usually think about a messenger type of figure: a cute little winged being with a bow and a halo. But angels aren’t just winged little helpers. In the Bible, angels, are defined as divine beings responsible for protecting and caring for the world. Angels also don’t die with us. As we grow old, angels are often our guides and teachers, watching over us and guiding us toward our goals and greater purpose.

Radleigh Valentine, known to some as the author of the angel wisdom tarot series, contains 78 different cards, one for each day of the year. Each card has a profound meaning drawn from Radleigh’s experience and is meant to be meaningful to every person.

Internationally acclaimed angel tarotist Radleigh Valentine draws on tarot’s long history, incorporating unique features to make each card easier to use, as well as adding depth to each lesson. This deck provides a positive but powerful way to find directions and answers to the paradise you are looking for.

Angel Wisdom Tarot- Features and Specifications:

The deck was published by Hay House Inc on October 06, 2020. Its language is English and has 248 pages of a guidebook. It comes with 78 cards and the product weighs 1.16 pounds. Moreover, It has 3.95*2.28*5.44 dimensions of inches.

  • It features a unique and latest deck that has a variety of classic characters and images that are not seen in the other tarot before.
  • A 78 card deck included a 248 pages guidebook that provided instructions, shuffling and interpretations of the cards.
  • The deck is easier to shuffle and provide interpretations on each card.
  • This deck of the cards provided symbols including the astrological correspondence.
  • The deck of the booklet provided clear information.
  • The deck of the card has a matte finish.
  • This deck can easily bend while shuffling cards.


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