The Blind Spot Oracle Cards Review (Teal Swan)

If you have read the other Blind Spot Oracle Cards review, you may be wondering what this one has to offer. The answer to that question is that it’s likely because you are thinking that you can get “the best card deck yet” for less money. And guess what, you can get them for less money. I have always stood behind the Blind Spot Oracle cards. And I still do. It is possible to get this deck for a lower price with the best quality from amazon if you’re looking to save money.

About Author

Teal Swan (Author)

She’s a renowned author who was born highly intuitive. Teal is a personal transformation revolutionary. She’s also well-known for being a speaker and modern spiritual leader who travels the world teaching the world about self-awareness and self-awakening. She has inspired millions of people and filled their hearts with authenticity, freedom, and joy. Besides, three of the books written by her are best-sellers, including ‘The Anatomy of Loneliness.

The Blind Spot Oracle Cards
  • Swan, Teal (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

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The Blind Spot Oracle Cards Review:

This oracle is the deck is a unique one created by Teal Swan, often referred to as the mirror. These cards create this amazing spiritual leader who makes the reader aware of the blindspots associated with any circumstances or questions. The cards force the eyes to see the point that they’re missing.

The blind spots in our lives make us lose something essential and often make us lose opportunities too. These cards have a simple but incredibly effective and useful purpose. These cards reveal what we’re not aware of which is relative to our question of the situation.

If we’re not aware of the path we’re trading, our journey and actions can have dangerous consequences. It’s just as risky and reckless as being blindfolded while driving. Blind spots may hide dangerous risks or make us forget useful opportunities. These also include- fears, desires, motives, truths, reasons, habits, patterns, and needs….the list is truly endless. By making you aware of these, you can take action in your life.

The author’s goal is to teach and help the users facilitate their growth and expansion. These cards influence you through the author’s words, and you’ll be able to discover the so-called blind spots that you’ve been missing in front of your eyes. The depth of the user’s connection with the potent sources of insight and energy within the cards depends on its usage time.

Draw one card from the deck and look up the meaning and interpretation of the Sigil in the guidebook. You can look for your own blind spots, and someone else’s by using this oracle deck.

Features and Specifications:

It is available in the version of cards on Amazon in the language of English. It was published on 3rd March 2020 by Watkins Publishing. Also, it weighs about 1.62 pounds and has a dimension of about  ? 4.72 x 2.54 x 7.05 inches.

  • This deck has 78 cards featuring 78 Sigils or symbols.
  • A 192-page guidebook accompanies the deck.
  • The deck includes 49 temporary tattoos.

Users’ Experience:

  • The deck can diffuse the confusion of a conflicting situation or problem.
  • The spreads of this oracle deck assess the past, present, and future from the perspective of a question.
  • Blind spots revealed by the oracle deck and the spreads allow the readers to access different areas of their lives at once.
  • The cards are very crucial for their shadow work.
  • The messages channeled through the deck to the users are very practical and knowledgeable.
  • The deck definitely helps those who aren’t afraid of the truth.
  • The Sigils or symbols cover a lot of the day-to-day situations and questions we face.
  • The deck is interactive for personal and professional use.
  • The guidebook is generous with its information and has easy-to-understand interpretations and descriptions of the cards.
  • The extra tattoos to try for the users add depth and practicality to understanding the concept of the oracle deck.
  • The cards have an uncanny accuracy in their readings and spreads.
  • Some customers had complained of receiving the damaged products and missing pages upon delivery.


To realize and take control and charge of your life, it is of great use to be aware of the blind spots hindering your actions and dreams, and by realizing the mistakes and the problems of your situation, you’ll be able to overcome those; all with the help of this interactive oracle deck.

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