Shamanic Healing Oracle Cards Review & Guide

Shamanic Healing Oracle Cards Review

What is shamanic healing oracle cards review? Shamanic healing oracle cards provide the best answers, guidance, and solutions for life problems, love problems, family problems, career problems, health problems, business problems, money problems, relationship problems, financial problems, job problems, spiritual problems, dream problems, divorce, marriage, court issues, business problems, legal problems.

I have written about my experiences with shamanic healing oracle cards. And if you want to know more about their origins. I had also looked into Oracle cards for many others in the same situation I was in when I started using them. My experience with healing with oracle cards has led me to write this review, giving my opinions on how they work, how they are made, and their uses.

Shamanic healing oracle cards’ meanings

The use of oracle cards has been around since ancient times. Oracle cards are used for many purposes, including fortune-telling, communication, meditation, healing, business, and more. They are very popular with people interested in divination, dream interpretation, or magic.

Shamanic Healing Oracle Cards support the ancient shamanic healing system of ancient cultures by bringing up the spirits of the ancestors. The Oracle Card deck of the ancient shamans is used for many purposes, including spiritual healing, spiritual guidance, spiritual awakening, spiritual growth, spiritual protection, spiritual cleansing, spiritual inspiration, spiritual warfare, spiritual transformation, spiritual wisdom, spiritual ceremonies, and spiritual rituals.

Shamanic Healing Oracle Cards
  • Motuzas, Michelle A. (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

How to use shamanic healing oracle cards?

The shamanic oracle cards are designed to do the work of the guides, or guardian spirits, without their having to verbalize or express their intentions. The cards contain the spirits, helping the client communicate directly with them and answer any questions.

The client can ask questions and receive answers, and they can also request that the guides and guides that work behind the scenes do their work and set the client free. You can purchase a deck of Oracle cards or download a deck from this site.

You can use the cards for self-help and self-healing, as well as for general divination and as a tool for finding your spirit guide or guides and your path to the gods.

Shamanic healing oracle cards are an excellent tool for personal or professional growth, and they have helped readers to heal, grow, and learn more about themselves. There are countless resources for finding out more about these beautiful cards in the online world. Still, it can be overwhelming since many different shamanic oracle decks are available. It gives a complete guide, from choosing a deck to reading with a few simple steps.

About Author

Michelle A. Motuzas (Author)

She’s a native New Englander and had started her painting career to answer the requests of her students of Shamanism. Those drawings led her to the creation of this deck.

The inspiration for her art is the very basis of human nature. Her exploring the world of art in search of our spiritual and human existence within the bounds of natural imagery and materials has resulted in her drawings using the backgrounds of her studies in Shamanistic religions.

During her career, she has learned the importance of symbols and hidden meanings within the space of the human psyche. The root of her art is based on connecting the two, spiritual and physical energy, and the power of symbolism helps her achieve that. She’s also a certified Healer with a master’s degree in Shamanic Reiki. She has two sons.

Let’s check out more on Shamanic Healing Oracle Cards.

Shamanic Healing Oracle Cards Review:

The work of Michelle in this spectacular tarot deck explores the boundary of human existence within natural imagery. With the combined spiritual and human existence and energies, readers can explore the world of human emotions and psyche. This discovery is supposed to set your soul and spirit free from any doubts and confusions hindering your best life possible.

The consultations with this deck will eradicate your mind from negative thoughts such as fear, doubts, and wrong beliefs. The symbols within the human psyche are described within these cards with the help of Shamanic studies.

To heal and overcome the situations in your life, familiarize yourself with the energies surrounding you. The deck is dedicated to giving personal empowerment and insight. The precisely tailored healing and self-discovery journey this deck offers each of its readers will be a shield for trusting your intuitive abilities.

Features and Specifications:

It is available in the version of the card on Amazon in English. It was published on 28th June 2016 by Schiffer Publications. Also, it weighs about 9.6 ounces and has a dimension of about ? 5 x 1.5 x 3.5 inches.

  • The deck has 44 cards with beautiful illustrations.
  • The guidebook accompanying the deck has 120 pages.
  • Comes in a sturdy packaging box.

Users’ ExperiencUsers’ oracle is the shadow for encouragement and uplifting messages.

  • The author has fruitfully delivered and utilized her knowledge of Shamanism in these cards.
  • The artwork is done deliberately in darker tones to emphasize the artwork.
  • The readers feel a deep connection with the wisdom of Shamans and instantly resonate with the readings.
  • The knowledge scattered through the cards about Shamanism through different periods is fantastic.
  • The deck’s design is attractive and eye-catching, with a vibrant tone and art style.
  • The deck challenges the reader’s conscioreader’snd helps the readers get connected and insightful answers.
  • The deck comes with a 78-card deck that is unique and has a comprehensive guidebook that provides all the informative information.
  • The deck provided all the history and imagery relating to each card.
  • It provided all the card meanings and keywords that will assist our path.
  • The cards are a bit smaller than the other Oracle decks.
  • Some customers had complained of receiving damaged products upon delivery.


To live a life of spiritual clarity, energetic oneness, and divinity, the readers must let the cards channel energies within them, consider the universal symbols as allies, and fully understand them to succeed.

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  1. Ulrike Armstrong

    I ordered this deck through ebay and it did not have a guidebook, the seller did give me a small refund but I am still unhappy as I can’t find the guidebook or meanings of the card anywhere
    the cards are very nice though

    1. Hello Friend
      Sorry to hear about your experience. We do not have enough idea about the eBay policy and process. As an Amazan associate, we have good experience to review their decks. Through our product link, we get small commissions in the successful buying of the clients. You can go through our product link to get this eye-catching and original deck on Amazon among the various sellers. We believe you will get a trustworthy deck.

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