The Card Geek’s Guide To Kipper Cards Review

Are you in the market for some unusual playing cards? Kipper Cards might be just what you’ve been searching for. Kipper cards are also known as drinking cards, which make them ideal for playing poker, but they can also be fun for serious card players. Kipper Cards are uniquely designed with a recessed area in the center, and while it looks like they’re made from a single piece of paper, they’re made from high-quality card stock.

Kipper cards are poker-sized cards made from expensive paper-graded stock. Kipper cards were printed in England but are now published in multiple countries. Kipper cards became popular in Victorian England, where they were produced by printing out playing cards from more expensive paper and having them personalized with a name, date, and message. Nowadays, kipper cards are used for everything from playing poker to preserving wine.

The Card Geek’s Guide To Kipper Cards Meaning

A kipper card is a tarot card used to reveal a person’s personality. Kipper card meanings depend on the suit and the numbers or letters on the card. For example, a seven of wands symbolizes enthusiasm, while a seven of swords means calculating and planning. A kipper card reading is a way of finding answers to your questions about your life.

The Card Geek's Guide to Kipper Cards
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The Card Geek's Guide to Kipper Cards
  • Puhle, Toni (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

About Author

Toni Puhle, Founder of the World Divination Association and Cartomancy Teacher, offers her talent of card reading to students worldwide. Toni discusses the “science of the Kipper system” with you, using her practical and no-nonsense approach to reading. This is the first English-language book to reveal the Kipper mysteries that have been concealed for almost two centuries in Bavaria.

The Card Geek’s Guide To Kipper Cards Review

The Kipper Cards are a 36-card fortune-telling deck that originated in Germany in the 19th century. Each card depicts a scenario in which the reader may recognize and comprehend what the future holds.

Kipper’s predicted accuracy is sweeping the globe; if you want to know your lot, Kipper is the tool for you. Learn how to predict the future using skills passed down through generations of Bavarian readers for over 200 years, and be amazed at the precision with which you can anticipate actual occurrences.

Kipper has a considerably more directed approach than Lenormand. On certain cards, facing directions and pointing items lead you around the spread. Stop cards do exactly what they say on the tin: inform you where to stop. It’s as if the card meanings are overlaid with road markers.

There are no reversals; instead, a card might take on a negative connotation when viewed behind the back of a significator. Everything is much simpler than it appears here, and it’s all explained thoroughly.

The Card Geek’s Guide To Kipper Cards: features and specifications:

Kipper is a deck of cards artwork inspired by the Game of Thrones. Each card is different in theme and style, which will appeal to Game of Thrones fans and card enthusiasts. The deck has a dark and mysterious theme making it perfect for a magic or card trick routine where you find a sword, secret compartment, or other props. Kipper cards are an excellent product for card enthusiasts.

The Cards Geek was published at Crate space independent on December 14, 2017. Full deck published in English with 250 pages. The dimensions are 7×0.57×9.69 with a width of 1 pound.

Buyers Experience
  • Excellent and fun to read.
  • The book is very informative.
  • Very easy to understand and cover spreads.
  • Some Tarot volumes are breathtaking in their beauty, paper quality, and esoteric depth, and they are well worth the money.


  • On certain cards, facing directions and pointing items lead you around the spread.
  • A novel that is enjoyable, honest, and refreshing.
  • Identify and understand what the future holds with ease.
  • Easily define each card.


  • Hardly any.

Kipper cards are a subculture of cards used for various games and trading. Unlike the trading cards, we are more familiar with, Kipper cards are an artistic and colorful alternative to standard playing cards. Kipper cards were original works of art, often combining art, photography, and images with text.

Kipper cards are typically not for playing card games per se but for passing the time and keeping people entertained. Kipper cards are also often produced as limited editions featuring celebrities, artists, or fictional characters. Kipper cards have been particularly associated with the alternative subculture.

In conclusion, Kipper cards are exciting and fun. The art on the cards is unique and clever. The designs on the cards are very well thought out. In addition to having plans, Kipper cards also have words that are easy to say. As a reader, I recommend Kipper cards to anyone interested in doing or learning something new.

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