The Wild Offering Oracle Review & Buying Guide

The Wild Offering Oracle Tarot deck is brought out by Starchild Tarot and is an oracle deck, meaning the cards can be shuffled, spread, and interpreted for multiple uses. Starchild Tarot uses only imagery in the design of the tarot cards, no words or numbers. This deck was made with the intention that you can use it as a stand-alone deck or combine it with other decks for a tarot deck reading.

The Wild Offering Oracle Meaning

The Wild Offering Oracle deck features imagery inspired by Native American culture, and the names of the cards themselves correspond with elements: The Firewords correspond to fire, the Waterworks to water, the Airwords to wind, and the Earthworks to earth.

The Wild Offering Oracle: A 52-Card Deck on Giving It All to...
  • Silver, Tosha (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

About Author

This deck is created by the author Tosha Silver who is also the author of Outrageous Openness, Change Me Prayers, and It’s Not Your Money. She has taught individuals worldwide how to align with their inner love in practical ways.

The Wild Offering Oracle Review

This gorgeously drawn card was meant to urge you to try Wild Surrendering: offering all to the Divine with unrestrained abandon. It may be used as an oracle in which the Divine directs you to a particular card or as a fun method to get helpful reminders from the Divine to take around or set on your altar.

The Wild Offering Oracle- features and specifications

Hay House Inc. published this deck, Cards edition, on 4th September 2018. It comes in the English language and has 52 pages of cards. The deck weighs 9.7 ounces and has 4*1.38*5.44 dimensions inches.

Previous Buyers’ Experience
  • The color scheme is vibrant and consistent throughout the deck.
  • The artwork on the back of the cards is stunning.
  • It arrives in a solid box with the artist’s incredible artwork.
  • These cards transport you to the dharmic plane, where spiritual will, not body, personality, or ego, makes the decisions.
  • Each card contains a beautiful message that reminds you of who you are and illuminates the route to your transformation through time.
  • It has a great feel, it’s vibrant, and it’s adorable.
  • Some buyers claimed it was thick but pliable and surprisingly simple to shuffle.
  • This deck includes no handbook, but it isn’t necessary because the cards have all you need.
  • Every single card is stunning and provides an immediate sensation of calm.
  • The cards themselves are of good weight and size.
  • Each card is a treat to receive because of the blend of visual and textual art.
  • The deck is beautifully built and a great way to get some inspiration, comfort, or a reminder for the day.
  • The deck of the cards is thick in appearance but sturdy.

In conclusion, The Wild Oracle Tarot Deck is an essential tool for spiritual and mundane divination and the perfect companion to my studio’s “Wild Oracle” and “The Wild Oracle Oracle” divination books.

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