The Cup of Destiny By Jane Lyle Review & Guide

The Cup of Destiny By Jane Lyle Review

The Cup of Destiny by Jane Lyle is a fast-paced novel that delves into the lives of a handful of people who have been changed forever by the discovery of a mysterious clay cup in their family home. The cup holds untold power, and the lives of the characters are changed forever.

The Cup of Destiny by Jane Lyle is a collection of short stories that are all set in the same fictional city and feature the same characters. They are all based on true events and Jane Lyle has worked these into novels with a unique plot twist.

The stories are not related and should not be read in any particular order. You can read them individually, but it’s more fun to read them all in the order they were written.

Cup of Destiny Symbol Meanings:

The cup of destiny is a symbol that’s been around for centuries. It has been an ancient symbol of divinity among the civilizations of the world. References to this cup exist as far back as ancient Greece and Rome and it’s most likely that the Greeks and Romans have known its secret meaning.

About Author:

Inspired by the teachings on the traditional art of reading tea leaves by her grandmother, author Jane Lyle has created this kit to interpret the sacred meaning behind tea leaves and read them.

She is a writer of psychology, sex, and sociology. Her subjects of interest are paranormal and divination topics. She had been connected with the world of tarot and tarot reading from an early age.

Some of her books are- The Lover’s Tarot, Sacred Sexuality, The Tarot Set, Understanding Body Language and Secrets of the Zodiac, etc. She lives in London, England.

Let’s check out more on The Cup of Destiny.

The Cup of Destiny By Jane Lyle Review:

This kit is based on the sacred and ethereal technique of learning and exploring the art of tea leaves and coffee grounds and the symbols and secrets they hold. The cup in the kit is an Edwardian-style fortune-telling cup accompanied by a saucer.

This will help the users to read the tea leaves in a traditional divinatory method, and this kit also reveals the secrets of this ancient method.

The cup can help you make predictions for yourself and your friends and loved ones. You’ll be able to see through the symbols and reveal the meanings behind them.

This kit also allows you to connect these symbols with real-life possible events; it can sometimes provide startlingly accurate results and insight for many situations. The cup can determine and tell destiny with the soft and warm way of having an afternoon tea.

If the cup shows a heart near the rim, it may symbolize that your love is not that far away. A symbol and interpretation of a horse may indicate the need for strength and patience in one’s life. The cake may bring news of celebration or happiness in one’s life.

Features and Specifications:

It is available in the paperback version on Amazon in the language of English. It was published on 1st October 2018 by Shelter Harbor Place Publications. Also, it weighs about 1.6 pounds and has a dimension of about 6.7 x 3.6 x 7 inches.

  • The kit comes with an actual cup and saucer with patterns and symbols to interpret.
  • The kit is accompanied by a 96-page illustrated guide booklet describing the details and explaining the meanings of the symbols in the cup.

User Experience:

  • The cup, saucer, and cloth design are all absolutely beautiful and gorgeous.
  • The symbols and meanings are interactive and fun with a modern twist and the author’s own perspective.
  • Though the kit is refreshing and new, it doesn’t stray from its original concept and traditional method.
  • The author’s guidebook helps the users greatly to get used to and connect with this kit.
  • The product arrived perfectly packaged and untouched with a brand new shine.
  • The product was very high quality and satisfying to the customers.
  • The cup and saucer have an aesthetic vibe, and they’re perfectly functional and in sync with its quality.
  • The author’s guidebook has explanations for over 200 meanings and interpretations of the destiny cup.
  • The kit is packaged perfectly with sturdy materials and a lush linen cloth.
  • Illustrations for better understanding accompany the explanations in the guidebook.
  • The kit also has a sample and tutorial instructions on how to use the kit.
  • The kit has clear pictures and prints with traditional symbols for tea leave reading.
  • The cup and saucer are made of porcelain, so there’s a concern for the fragility of the kit.


For predicting the future and knowing the best of possibilities for life, this kit can be of use to many. Telling the possible and most probable insight into your situation can urge you to make better decisions and succeed.

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