The Dragon Tarot Review & Buying Guide

The Dragon Tarot is a deck of cards with illustrations by Nigel Suckling. The deck is based on the Rider-Waite tarot deck and has some traditional card meanings with a twist.

The deck has a wide range of card meanings the reader can interpret. There are also many traditional card meanings with a twist. The deck is also easy to read, and the illustrations are very clear.

The Dragon Tarot is a great deck for beginners and experienced readers alike. The deck is easy to read, and the illustrations are very clear. The card meanings are also beneficial and can be interpreted by the reader.

The Dragon Tarot Card Meaning:

The Dragon is a powerful and feared creature. In most tarot decks, it is represented by the Major Arcana card, The Tower. The Dragon is a symbol of destruction, chaos, and death. When this card appears in a reading, it often indicates that the querent is facing a major challenge or obstacle. The Dragon can also represent the dark side of human nature, such as our capacity for violence and destruction.

The Dragon Tarot: Includes a full deck of 78 specially...
  • Suckling, Nigel (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

About Author

Nigel Suckling, Roger Garland & Linda Garland

Well-known for his work in writing as an author in the field of body, mind, spirits, and fantasy art field, Nigel Suckling is a talented and respected creator of tarot decks. His work and subjects of writing books include angels, vampires, werewolves, fairies, witches, unicorns, and many other ethereal creatures from fantasy and fairy books. He has also authored the deck Fallen Angel Oracles Cards, which CICO has published. He currently resides in Kent, UK.

Roger Garland is known to be working with the publishers of Tolkien’s Lord of The Rings, and five of his Tolkien illustrations have been published in a limited-edition print.

Linda Garland has worked as a professional illustrator for numerous publishing companies in London, America, Europe, and Australia. She also had many works published as limited-edition prints.

Roger and Linda Garland are married and live in Cornwall, UK.

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The Dragon Tarot Review

The dragons symbolize a dangerous sight with majestic power and aura; they appear in various western culture myths as jealous and selfish guardians of treasure hoards. The legend of dragons has been depicted in many famous modern fantasy literature pieces such as J.K. Rowling’s series Fantastic Beasts, George R.R. Marin’s Game of Thrones, and J.R.R. Tolkien Smaug’s Lord of the Rings. Despite being depicted in different sectors as different types of beings bearing different messages and roles, all the myth has the same conception of dragons: their unfathomable strength and sometimes wondrous other-worldly powers.

The Dragon Tarot brings you the mysteries of tarot and the strength of the dragons in one place for you to acquire. The dragons have been displayed as brutal, terrifying monsters, sometimes with the power of speech and often cunning. The dragons are hostile, but their reign of terror is neither bigoted nor personal.

The dragons work on certain laws of nature; thus, all their actions bear no personal malice and can be deducted as the character’s doing and rules. Connecting with dragons can lift the veil of worldly life and unleash the spiritual world’s full potential. Readers can channel this energy through them for usage.

Features and Specifications:

It is available as a cards version on Amazon in English. It was published on 13th February 2018 by CICO Books. It weighs about 1.16 pounds and has a dimension of about 5.3 x 1.9 x 6.3 inches.

  • The deck has 78 cards.
  • It comes with an accompanying booklet which is 64-page coloured and illustrated.
  • The deck comes all together in a stunning box kit set for preserving.

User Experience:

  • The major arcana is beautifully illustrated and designed and completely corresponds with the deck’s vibe.
  • The cards’ artwork is wonderful, almost matching the Rider-Waite Tarot.
  • The cards are glossy and big for easy and comfortable illustrations.
  • The cards are compatible with novice and new tarot beginners as it helps them in their early days.
  • This is a special-purpose deck, so it can’t be used as a regular one.
  • This deck is perfect for a dragon enthusiast’s collections and compatible with a tarot reader.
  • The cards contain a variety of dragons from different myths of various and diverse cultures, like- fire-breathing, air, sea serpents, and earth-dweller dragons.
  • It has detailed and life-like illustrations and high-quality resolution pictures and colors.
  • The card stock is also sturdy and suitable for safekeeping.
  • The cards are also well-detailed and accurate in their descriptions.
  • The deck’s minor arcana could have been better.

To unleash the power of the dragons within yourself and experience change with the majestic wonders a dragon can bestow upon you, you should give these cards a try to transform your life.


In conclusion, this deck offers a new take on this ancient art. The Dragon Tarot is gender-neutral, in part because the Rider-Waite Tarot deck is based on traditional imagery and artwork from the 19th century, a period when women were often denied or given limited opportunities.

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