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In the past, I have always been interested in the tarot deck by Brian Froud, so I decided to purchase a deck, and in turn, find a book about the cards to read with them. The idea has been on my mind for a while, and when I got around to it, I was a bit skeptical about the deck. Lets’ check the The Faeries’ Oracle Review.

It is no secret that I am a huge fan of Brian and Jessica Froud and their beautiful and magical Faeries.

Being a Faeries fan myself, I was happy to find this entire book on Amazon, and I bought it immediately. I was also lucky enough to know about the author Lunacon. I was very happy to learn that they detailed their own interpretation of the Faeries and their stories and interpretations of the cards.

It is an excellent book for anyone who is a Faeries fan and would like to learn more about them and their interpretations. The book is a very easy read.

The Faeries’ Oracle cards meanings:

Each of us has our own unique and sometimes very personal relationships with the world around us. I like to use the Faeries’ Oracle cards as a tool to communicate and express my own thoughts and feelings. My initial design of the Faeries’ Oracle is based on Celtic faery lore and mythology.

The Faeries’ Oracle is a Hebrew/English deck of cards that the Celtic Faeries’ Oracle inspires. It features a set of cards that will be of great help to anyone interested in the Faeries, Celtic Mythology, Faery Lore, Nature, Paganism, Ceremonial Magick, Neo-Paganism, Celtic Paganism, Celtic Wicca, Druidism, Celtic Craft, Nature Craft, Celtic Witchcraft, Druidic Witchcraft, Neo-Paganism, Faery Lore, Faery Lore lectures, Faery Wisdom, Faery Wisdom lectures, Daily Tarot.

The Faeries' Oracle
  • The Faeries' Oracle
  • Hardcover Book

About Author

Brian Froud (Author) & Jessica Macbeth (Author)

Brain resides in Devon, England. He has created many best-selling books during his long career, such as ‘Good Faeries/Bad Faeries,’ ‘Lady Cottington’s Pressed Fairy Book,’ and ‘Faeries.’ the conceptual designer of Jim Henson’s films. Moreover,  he had worked in films called ‘The Dark Crystal’ and ‘Labyrinth.’

Jessica is from Stillwater, Oklahoma, and lives in Townsend, Washington. Her inspiration for writing and creating is positivity, green nature, and the magic within our surroundings. She believes in appreciating the positive energy around us and making use of it to live and enjoy life.

Let’s check out more on The Faeries’ Oracle.

The Faeries’ Oracle Review:

The fairies are the creatures of insight, laughter, light, and joy. Using the amazing and enchanted art of brilliant Brian Froud as your guide, you can explore and discover the wonderful and magical world of the fairies.

The oracle deck has various ethereal creatures and otherworldly beings, such as sylphs, pans, nymphs, gnomes, etc. They will lead you to a wonderful and delightful journey of adventure and enlightenment. This venture will help illuminate your future and heal the ailments of your heart and soul. The divination set is a complete kit for your journey, which will help you find serenity in life.

Features and Specifications:

It is available in the hardcover version on Amazon in the language of English. It was published on 31st October 2000 by Fireside Publications. Also, it weighs about 1.7 pounds and has a dimension of about 5.75 x 2 x 7.75 inches.

  • The deck has 66 vibrantly illustrated cards.
  • A 208-pages illustrated guidebook accompanies this deck.
  • The Celtic tarot enthusiast and fairy realm enthusiast, and overall any oracle deck enthusiast can find this deck wonderful and valuable.
  • The book is the most helpful when it comes to interpretations and readings.
  • This deck will ask for the reader’s own imaginative skill to flourish and develop.
  • The cards are beautiful and convey deep wisdom, and whisper the spell of the fairies.

Users’ Experience:

  • The deck connects on a deeply personal level with the readers and transforms them for the better.
  • This deck can draw and shift the reader’s focus to them.
  • The deck makes your journey to the world of the fairies an enchanted one.
  • This deck covers the heart and soul of oracle decks and speaks naturally with its readers.
  • The depth and details of the artwork are truly stunning and worthy of praise.
  • This deck comes as an excellent and affordable, and wonderful deal for being a great product.
  • This deck speaks to our inner selves and depicts our thoughts clearly.
  • The gradient cards feature many mystical creatures from the author, such as goblins, moon dancers, pixies, boggarts, and other fairy folks, which covers a large part of diversity.
  • The illustrated guidebook with text by Jessica is both the introduction and insight within the oracle deck.
  • This guidebook will show you other relevant information on the world of fairies and how to communicate with them personally.
  • The beings in the cards are very vividly and nicely depicted and described.
  • The cards are big and sturdy, easier to shuffle.
  • This card stock is well-made with high-quality materials, and gold glided edges.
  • Jessica’s writings of the guidebook are genuinely amazing, with explicit explanations of each of the cards in the oracle deck.
  • This deck is both suitable for personal use and for gifting your loved ones.
  • The card’s volume is comparatively thinner than the other decks and can often be torn into pieces if not used carefully.


This oracle deck can provide its readers with many advantages to explore the mysterious realm of fairies through the power of mystical and magical artwork and divination. To have a more satisfying and blessed life, it is better to accept the blessings of the fairies.

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