The Fountain Tarot Review & Buying Guide

The Fountain Tarot is my first tarot deck, and after using several decks over the past few years, I think it’s safe to say that it’s a solid one. The images are distinctive, and cards’  I particularly like the divine feminine and delineated aspects of the cards. Overall, the iconography is well done, and the deck flows well. The art on the cards is serene and beautiful, and the color palette is pleasant.

The Fountain Tarot Card Meaning:

The Fountain Tarot not only represents classical yin-yang symbolism but is also meant to evoke associations with human sexuality. Tarot readers have a long-standing reputation for intellectualism, but this one takes the cake.

The Tarot cards are charged with energies and meimportancehat that hold special meanings for all who use them. The Fountain Tarot is a deck that harnesses the energies. This deck guides through experience.

The Fountain Tarot: Illustrated Deck and Guidebook
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The Fountain Tarot: Illustrated Deck and Guidebook
  • Gruhl, Jason (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

About Author

This deck was created by the authors Jason Gruhl, Jonathan Saiz, and Andi Todaro.

Jason Gruhn is an author of this deck, Jonathan Saiz is an illustrator who illustrates this deck, and Andi Todaro is a Graphic designer.

The Fountain Tarot Review

This Fountain Tarot deck was created to teach you how to use and read the cards. This deck is used for introspection, empowerment, and connection. The deck contains 79 silver gilded cards. It includes 112 pages of a guidebook with a magnetic clasp and rising ribbon on a holographic shimmer box.

The Fountain Tarot- features and specifications

Roost Box published this product, Box Tcr Cr edition, on 10 October 2017. It appears in the English language. The deck weighs 14.2 ounces and has a dimension of 3.2*1.83*5 inches.

Previous Buyers’ Experience

  • The silver gilding and lots of other cards were nice.
  • It is a gorgeous tarot deck for new and advanced readers.
  • The card material has a great weight and has held up well to frequent shuffling.
  • The edges have some wear from the silver foil, but it’s minor.
  • The small book with it provided enough knowledge to start as a novice.
  • It arrives in a box that is not only gorgeous but also robust.
  • The cards appear simple to shuffle, and the silver-gilt edge is lovely.
  • The cards themselves are beautiful and peaceful.
  • These cards are very gorgeous. The box is lovely and decorated, and the cards themselves are intriguing.
  • The accompanying pamphlet gives basic tarot facts before delving into the interpretations of each card.


  • The guidebook is beautifully written and contains clear and concise suggestions for daily practice and spreads.
  • The magnetic box is of decent quality.
  • The card quality is good, not too thick but not too thin, and it’s easy to shuffle.
  • The instruction book provides intriguing interpretations and a variety of spreads.
  • It provided a keyword for both upright and reverse.


  • The cards are a little bit thin so that they may bend easily.

In conclusion, The Fountain Tarot is a wonderful experience. The art is beautiful, the readings are insightful, and the deck is a work of art. The Fountain Tarot was created with intention and care. I highly recommend this deck.

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