The Healing Mantra Deck Review

Welcome to the review of the Healing Mantra Deck, a unique, powerful tool for guiding individuals on a journey of self-awareness and healing. This deck of cards, created by Reiki master and energy healer Faiza Jaffer, provides an intuitive approach to personal growth and transformation, allowing users to gain insight into the hidden aspects of their being.

Through ancient mantras and powerful affirmations, the Healing Mantra Deck helps promote balance and peace of mind while also providing users with a deeper understanding of their life’s journey and challenges.

In this review, we’ll take a closer look at the Healing Mantra Deck, exploring what it offers and how it can assist personal growth and healing. We’ll discuss the cards’ design and intended purpose, provide an overview of the mantras and affirmations included on the cards, and discuss how the Healing Mantra Deck can be used to achieve meaningful results.


The Healing Mantra Deck: A 52-Card Deck
  • Kahn, Matt (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

The Healing Mantra Deck Meanings:

The Healing Mantra Deck is a powerful meditation, healing, and self-reflection tool. This deck features a different mantra to assist with healing and growth. The mantras range from spiritual to practice and provide a variety of perspectives to consider.

Each mantra is accompanied by a short explanation of its meaning and a suggested affirmation to focus on while meditating. The Healing Mantra Deck is an excellent grounding, mindfulness, and spiritual exploration resource. With its simple design and straightforward message, it’s easy to take it with you wherever you go and uses it to tap into your inner wisdom and gain clarity.

About Author

Matt Kahn creates this deck, the most excellent author of, Whatever Happens, Love That and Everything Is Here to Help You.

The Healing Mantra Deck Review

Mantras are the language of unity consciousness, in which the one speaking its wisdom and the one receiving its power are perceived to be the same. This card deck, created by gifted healer and intuitive Matt Kahn, contains 52 channeled mantras encrypted with healing energy to readjust your mind, body, heart, and soul. This deck will help users strengthen their connection to the Universe and remind them of their inherent wholeness and perfection.

Angels, Gods, Goddesses The Healing Mantra Deck- features and specifications

Hay House Inc. manufactured this deck on 3rd December 2019. It appears in the English language and has 52 pages of cards. The deck weighs 11.5 ounces and has 3.88*1.88*5.5 dimensions inches.

Previous Buyers’ Experience

  • This deck will be a valuable tool to endure and thrive in adversity.
  • The mantras always hit home, and the booklet provides a thorough explanation.
  • This is a fantastic set with beautiful mantras that are meaningful and useful.
  • The cards constantly stick together, which is inconvenient when trying to be intuitive.
  • The choices appear limited to those cards on top of a cluster.
  • This is an incredible deck with really gorgeous-looking cards.
  • A profound religious insight you can incorporate into your life to raise your vibration.


  • The aesthetic is lovely, and the cards themselves are of high quality.
  • The mantra that will calm your inner child and provide you with glorious insight.
  • Beautiful colors, ideal for meditation and quick, simple affirmations.
  • The matte card stock is of exceptional quality.


  • Sound card stock, but the words are not correct.

The Healing Mantra Deck is a great and unique way to connect with yourself and focus on healing your body and mind. Each card is filled with a mantra to help you focus on the positive and release negative energy. This deck is perfect for anyone looking for a deeper connection to themselves and a way to manage their stress and anxiety. I highly recommend this deck to anyone looking to heal and grow.

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