Thelema Tarot Review & Buying Guide

The Thelema Tarot is a powerful, mysterious, beautiful tarot deck filled with symbolism, imagery, and meaning. It was created by artist and author Frederick Carter in the early 1990s and has been gaining popularity.

The deck is based on the teachings of Aleister Crowley and the occult tradition of Thelema, which makes it unique compared to other tarot decks. This blog post will review the Thelema Tarot and explore its many aspects in greater detail.

The deck can be used for divination, self-reflection, and understanding the symbols that make up the tarot. We will discuss the artwork and symbolism, the meanings behind the cards, and the potential applications of the deck regarding spiritual growth and understanding.

We will also explore deeper connections to the occult and Thelema and the various spreads that can be used with the deck.


Thelema Tarot
808 Reviews
Thelema Tarot
  • Lechner, Renata (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

Thelema Tarot Meanings:

Thelema Tarot is an esoteric tarot deck connected to Aleister Crowley’s Thelemic system of magick and philosophy. Thelema Tarot is known for its creative and unique symbolism. The deck is filled with magical imagery meant to inspire the reader to explore the depths of their spiritual and magical self. Each card holds symbolic meaning and can be used to help explore one’s innermost secrets.

Additionally, the deck is often used for divination and to gain insight into potential outcomes. Thelema Tarot is an excellent tool for self-discovery and exploration of the unconscious and can also be used to gain clarity and understanding of difficult situations.

About Author

This deck is created by the author Renata Lechner, a professional artist recognized for her integrated- and emotionally charged digital art.

Thelema Tarot Review

Thelema Tarot is enchanted, enriched with mystical symbolism, magically inclined, and beautifully illustrated. Allow the evocative cards of this deck to guide you as you begin to explore the boundaries between light and darkness, love and struggle. It is a reading declient’seginners and tarot experts, with in-depth knowledge and true inspiration.

Thelema Tarot- features and specifications

Llewellyn Publications manufactured this deck, Box Tcr Cr edition, on September 08, 2015. It appears in the English language and weighs 12 ounces. The deck has a dimension of 4.99*2.04*3.21 inches.

Previous Buyers’ Experience

  • It’s a lovely deck that deserves to be of higher quality.
  • They do an excellent job of conveying the essence of each card’s energy.
  • They are rich in symbolism, beautiful, and detailed.
  • Some buyers claimed that on the first shuffle, the edges flexed.
  • It has beautiful imagery and is excellent for focusing on a client’s energies.
  • Beautiful images that are easy to read and evocative, with no clumsy borders.


  • The guidebook is available in several languages and contains detailed descriptions.
  • The deck is vibrant and full of life.
  • This adds depth to your readings and is also of high quality.


  • The cut on the edges is strange.

Overall, the Thelema Tarot is an exciting, unique tarot deck packed with symbolism. It provides an engaging and powerful tarot experience for readers of all levels. The deck is visually stunning, and its artwork is rich with detail, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking for a tarot deck that combines mysticism and creativity. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced reader, the Thelema Tarot will undoubtedly add depth to your readings.

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