The Heart Path Oracle Cards Review & Guide

The Heart Path Oracle Cards are beautifully illustrated oracle cards to help you connect with your heart’s wisdom. The deck lets you tap into your intuition, practice heart-centred self-care, and connect with your heart path.

The Heart Path Oracle Cards is an easy-to-use system of reading tarot cards to help you understand who you are and what you need in your life. The oracle cards will be your guide on your journey through life with your unique identity.

The Heart Path Oracle Cards: Miraculous Messages of Love Meaning;

Looking for the answer to a specific question? The Heart Path Oracle Cards are a perfect tool for everyday use. The Heart Path Oracle Cards are professionally designed, featuring detailed illustrations and inspirational messages.

The Heart Path Oracle Cards: Miraculous Messages of Love
  • Gordon-Taylor, Nadine (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

About Author

The deck is created by the author Nadine Gordon-Taylor.

Nadine Gordon-Taylor, MFA, EdD, is a professionally trained inventive artist whose work is inspired by the animal world and its symbolic relationship to humans. She received a master’s degree in painting from Staten Island University and a doctorate in art teaching from Columbia University. 

The Heart Path Oracle Cards: Miraculous Messages of Love

The Heart Path Oracle Cards’ 53 full-color cards provide a portal to the invisible into the path of the heart. It is beautifully adorned with animal figures, birds, insects, plants, esoteric symbols, and transforming myths worldwide. When you work with the cards, you enter a channel connecting you to your higher consciousness. Immersing yourself in the beautiful artwork on each card will help you activate and align with loving energies that connect with and reveal your soul-self.

The companion guide book discusses artists’ research into animal symbols and various cultures. She discusses how to use the cards instinctively and how the deck was designed to reveal unconscious emotions, move us out from old ways of thinking, and resonate with the frequency of love and devotion. For each card, she explains the title and meaning of the card, as well as a channeled message of love and an affirmation to help you integrate the lesson of the card into your life.

The Heart Path Oracle Cards- features and specifications

Bear & Company; 2nd edition, Expanded manufactured this on September 22, 2020. It is in the English language and has 128 pages of letters. The deck weighs 1.55 pounds and has 5.25*1.6*7.5 dimensions inches. It features,

  • There are 53 full-color cards included, as well as a 128-page full-color guidebook.
  • Each card includes an explanation of its title and symbolism, a channeled message of love, and an affirmation to help you put the letter into action in your life.
  • Explains how immersing yourself in the vibrant art on each card, from deer, bison, bluebirds, and ladybugs to platypus, ferns, ankhs, and the Tree of Life.
  • I will assist you in aligning with loving energies that resonate with and confirm your soul-self.
Previous Buyers’ Experience
  • These cards far exceeded expectations.
  • The meanings of each card are so applicable.
  • The illustrations are beautiful and profound.
  • Some buyers claimed that they were difficult to understand.
  • This deck takes a significant amount of time and effort.
  • The guidebook is handy and of high quality.
  • The artistic style is dreamlike and symbolically rich. 


  • The guidebook contains a wealth of insightful and profound information.
  • Its artwork is rich in symbolism.
  • The author goes into great detail about this symbology.
  • The deck and energy are highly potent.
  • The cards are assembled with sturdy card stock.
  • Have empowering messages on them.


  • There is no long history of meanings.

In conclusion, I highly recommend this book! The Heart Path Tarot Oracle Cards are beautifully illustrated, and the layout is unique. This deck is full of symbolism that enriches each reading. The deck is versatile and can be used for a variety of topics. The cards provide accurate and helpful information, and they are easily understood. Overall, this is a beautiful deck, and I highly recommend it.

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