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The Daemon Tarot is a modern take on the tarot. Unlike other traditional decks, which are known for their use in fortune-telling, this deck is designed to look at the cards in a different light, which is to say, the light of the Daemon–the infernal, demonic, and otherworldly creatures that populate the tarot. Let’s check the daemon tarot review.

When you hear the word “Daemon,” you probably think of a common household evil spirit. You might even think of a demon. This is the image that many people (and occultists alike) hold in their minds when they think of a daemon.

I’m here to tell you: DAEMONS are not evil spirits, they are very good ones, and they are waiting to help you.

The Daemon tarot card meanings:

The Daemon Tarot is a tool for interpreting the symbolism in the Tarot. It is a system inspired by the teachings of John Dee, a famous Elizabethan English scientist, mathematician, and advisor to Queen Elizabeth I. It is the only modern deck also to include the great occult texts of the 19th-century occultist Aleister Crowley, who was called ‘The Beast’ by the world. These texts are the original sources for the Daemon Tarot interpretations.

The Daemon is a card from the Minor Arcana, the eighty-eight cards that make up the major arcana of a tarot deck. In this context, the term daemon refers to an “[un]familiar spirit that acts as a guardian, guide, or advisor” and is closely associated with the Old English “dæmon,” a loan word from Greek “daim?n,” a term for “divine” or “demonic” spirit.

What’s a daemon? It’s a member of a widespread pantheon of ancient, imagined deities, beings, and spirits, with a complex and multifarious history. They have been portrayed in various guises throughout history and culture, and folklore and mythology are replete with stories about them.

The Daemon Tarot Deck: The Forbidden Wisdom of the Infernal...
  • Used Book in Good Condition
  • Osborne, Ariana (Author)

About Author

Ariana Osborne (Author)

Ariana is a second-generation print designer. She grew up alongside her mother, watching her turn piles of manuscripts and sketches into real-life books; it was a magical experience for her during her childhood.

After growing up, she started to work on designs by herself, and she created layouts for books, magazines, and comics digitally. She currently resides in Portland, Orlando. She lives a normal life farming bees for wax. Also, she has a Doberman and a black cat accompanying her in her daily activities.

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The Daemon Tarot Review:

Originally published by the French occultist Jacques Auguste Simon Collin, the ‘Infernal Dictionary’ or  Le Dictionnaire Infernal is the legendary tome from 1818. This oracle deck has been specifically drawn upon the inspiration of authentic sources.

The sources are a great help in forming the oracle deck and carving it into its perfect existence. Collin had described and explored the arena of ancient daemons and categorized them meticulously into hellish hierarchies. He had worked and researched before creating this through centuries worth of arcane magic texts and books.

Author Ariana Osborne has recreated and reinterpreted the classic text Collin created targeted today’s audience. She created a unique divination system to identify the unique strengths and specialties of the daemons. It also gives explanations about the daemons and the matter of summoning their energies. The 69 cards of this oracle deck describe and explores 69 different daemons and their specialties.

Features and Specifications:

It is available in the paperback version on Amazon in the language of English. It was published on 5th November 2013 by Sterling Ethos Publications.  Moreover, it weighs about 1.53 pounds and has a dimension of about 6.25 x 1.25 x 8.5 inches.

  • The deck has illustrated 69 cards.
  • The deck comes within a sturdy packaging box.
  • A 160-page guide booklet accompanies the oracle deck.

Users’ Experience:

  • The daemon deck isn’t like the other oracle decks in the market and gives them a unique vibe.
  • The daemon deck is a stunning deck but also a cautionary one.
  • This deck has many refreshing aspects and concepts to them, although being a recreation of historical text.
  • The cards can be used as a warning of a negative approach through a reading or a spread.
  • Fortune and fate aren’t always pretty; this oracle deck approached this idea with an open-minded.
  • Even if you mix this deck with other oracle decks, it will balance meanings and interpretations perfectly.
  • The book and cards are themselves dark and gothic but not satanic neither evil.
  • The illustrations are authentically inspired from the 1820s and have a lot of similarities with them.
  • This deck is better used as a cautionary deck than a normal tarot deck.
  • The oracle deck strictly follows the original text and work of Collins and rarely strays away from it.
  • The depictions of daemons through art are praise-worthy, and excellent execution has made its way into the users’ hearts.
  • This deck’s guidebook is very deep in information and also helpful for readers for navigating their way around the deck.
  • The card stock is of good quality, and the paint is glossy and high resolution.
  • This oracle deck is perfect for professional readings.
  • The cards are thick and easy to shuffle without the hassle of tearing.
  • The deck itself is unique but doesn’t have correspondence with the other demon tarot decks.


To tap into the daemons’ mysterious yet powerful divine energies, this oracle is the pathway to a change in the readers’ lives. The readers will be able to enact and divulge themselves into the summoning of the daemon and see the light through history’s eyes.

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