The Herbal Healing Deck by Sarah Baldwin and Ashley Verkamp Review

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The Herbal Healing Deck, created by herbalists Sarah Baldwin and Ashley Verkamp, is a unique and powerful tool to bring the wisdom of medicinal herbs into your everyday life. This comprehensive 56-card deck is accompanied by the Herbal Healing Book, both of which explore the healing power of plants with insightful commentary from the authors.

In this review, we will discuss the contents of the Herbal Healing Deck, explore the various ways it can be used to access herbal healing wisdom, and provide an honest assessment of the product. Whether you are a seasoned herbal enthusiast, a budding plant medicine enthusiast, or simply looking to learn more about the healing potential of herbs, the Herbal Healing Deck and Book provide a comprehensive resource for exploring the power of plants.

The Herbal Healing Deck
  • Baldwin, Sarah (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

The Herbal Healing Deck Meanings:

The Herbal Healing Deck Meanings are designed to be a starting point of reflection and self-healing. Each card in the deck provides an opportunity to explore one’s emotional and physical journey while gaining insight into the healing power of herbs.

Each card focuses on herbs’ healing power, including their therapeutic properties and potential uses. The deck also guides how to use herbs best to enhance healing while imparting wisdom on cultivating the best outcomes for individual needs. This deck offers a holistic approach to health and wellness, incorporating the use of herbal remedies in the pursuit of physical and spiritual wellbeing.

The Herbal Healing Deck Review

This herbal healing deck contains 48 oracle cards that will teach you about herbal medicine and help you find answers to life’s many questions. Each card includes an extraordinary, visionary portrait of a medicinal plant that will speak to us and provide us with all of the plant’s true, archetypal essence.

You’ll learn how the plant spirits provide deep guidance and wisdom in your life, as well as the medicinal uses and metaphysical qualities of each plant, from the detailed guidebook.

The Herbal Healing Deck- features and specifications

This deck was published by Schiffer; the 1st edition on 28 February 2017. It comes in the English language and has 144 pages of cards. The deck weighs 1.6 pounds and has 6*1.5*9 dimensions of inches.

Previous buyers’ Experience

  • The deck provided all the messages and intent are clear, and they always deliver when it comes to readings.
  • The information is beneficial and well-written.
  • The packaging is lovely, with a box holding the deck and the book.
  • The artwork is lovely, and the descriptions on each card are detailed, describing the history and uses of the various plants.
  • The cards and accompanying books are vast, constantly exposing me to new insights.
  • The packaging is a little excessive for the size of the cards.
  • The artwork on the deck and the book’s writing were both enjoyable and educational.


  • The book’s description is instructive, well-written, and simple to read.
  • The cards provided incredible and accurate advice.
  • This deck contains a wealth of deep, healing, and spiritual wisdom.
  • The guidebook is extensive and detailed, and the cards themselves are stunning, glossy, with stunning backs.
  • Each card contains both practical advice and thought-provoking contemplations.


  • It doesn’t have any cons yet.


In conclusion, The Herbal Healing Deck is an excellent tool for anyone looking to deepen their knowledge and understanding of herbs and their healing properties. With full-color photographs and detailed descriptions, the deck offers an accessible and informative approach to herbal healing. This deck is a great starting point for those interested in exploring the use of herbs for holistic healing.

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