The Illustrated Crystallary by Maia Toll- Review

The Illustrated Crystallary is a collection of 36 beautifully illustrated cards from Maia Toll (Author) and Kate O’Hara  (Illustrator) that offer a unique perspective on the many interesting animals found in the natural world.

This book is not a book of diet, lifestyle, fitness, or self-help material. It’s a book of sacred animal wisdom, a set of sacred rituals and advice for aligning life with the energy of nature.

In short, so you don’t bore yourself silly when you come across a fox or a badger in your journey, there are definitely some cards that will be useful.

We have provided the details on the Illustrated Crystallary in the article. Have a look at them below.


About Author:

This deck was created by the author Maia Toll.

Maia Toll is the author of the popular Wild Series, which has both been Critically and commercially successful. This phenomenal best-selling series, consisting of the Illustrated Herbiary, The Illustrated Bestiary, The Illustrated Crysrtallary, has prompted a wide array of merchandise, such as jigsaw puzzles and oracle decks. Some of her popular decks are given below:

The Illustrated Crystallary Review:

Animal, vegetable, and mineral medicines existed in the ancient world. Maia Toll, author of the earlier volumes The Illustrated Bestiary and the Illustrated Herbiary, follows up with a book on Mineral crystals that examines 36 incredible crystals, including amethyst, hematite, mica, and more.

Toll combines aspects of ancient wisdom with her own thoughts to illuminate the significance of each stone for readers today. The mirror-like obsidian surface reflects the self’s shadow corners, serving as the implement for cutting those aspects loose. On Earth, turquoise possesses a turquoise blue sky-like color, balancing the opposing focus. Kate O Hara’s striking, crystal illustrated images are in both the text and the bonus cars bound inside the book.

The illustrated Crystallary- Features and Specifications:

This deck was published by Storey Publishing, LLC; Illustrated edition on September 01, 2020. This deck comes in the English language. It weighs 1.05 pounds and has 6.25*0.01*8.25 dimensions of inches. The deck includes 168 pages of guidebooks.

  • The deck features a box set and a freestanding deck of 36 large, gilt-edged oracle cards with a cloth carrying pouch for keeping accessories.

Previous Buyers’ Experience:

  • Its graphics are beautiful, and the page number writing to the message on the card does not need to flick through trying to find the right page.
  • Some buyers claimed that its card stock is made of thin, cheap, paper-like card stock.
  • Some buyers claimed that the cards are of small size and flimsy.
  • The booklet that includes is of high quality and beautiful.
  • The card’s paper thickness is comparable to a deck of playing cards, and the colors are nice and vibrant.
  • Classically inspired books and cards are held behind the book in a pocket. They are thin but fit in hand.
  • Its illustrations and the book provide thought-provoking questions.
  • Much nice information about crystals and different ways to use them are provided, and Katy O’ Hara’s illustrations are exquisite.
  • The deck comes with gorgeous art that captures all the energy of each crystal.
  • The deck included exercises and rituals that provide additional connections to the knowledge and insight crystals.
  • It included a bonus card and had an envelope in the back of the book.
  • Its illustrations are gorgeous, and the book provided a wealth of information and inspiration for working with the herbs.
  • The cards are small, and the card stock is as thin as paper where the card might be bent at the time of shuffling.


They are designed to be read from start to finish in under an hour, and each one takes around three minutes to read. So, we hope that you have understood all the details on The Illustrated Crystallary that we have provided in the article. Feel free to choose this deck.

Happy Shopping.

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