The Judgement Tarot Meaning & Review

Tarot Card Meaning

The judgement tarot card is all about making decisions and taking action. The main message of this card is that it’s time to stop procrastinating and make a move. If you’ve been putting off making a decision, it’s time to face the situation and make a choice. The judgement card can also indicate that you must take action to achieve your goals. This is a card of determination and willpower. Trust your instincts, and don’t be afraid to take risks. The judgement card is a reminder that you have the power to create your own destiny.

 Major Arcana:– 

The tarot is a deck of 78 cards, with 22 of those being the Major Arcana. The Major Arcana cards represent big life changes or events and can be interpreted in several ways. The Judgement card is the 20th card in the Major Arcana and typically symbolizes rebirth, inner strength, and making peace with the past.

The Judgement Description

The Judgement Tarot Card is one of the seventy-eight cards of a regular, common tarot deck’s Major Arcana or trump cards numbered 20, twenty. In the imagery of The Judgement tarot card, there is a woman, a man, and a child. That woman, man, and child are completely naked. They are rising from their graves. Their arms are outspread and look above into the sky.

Above, there is Archangel Gabriel. He is the messenger of God. He is blowing his trumpet. Those rising from their graves are responding to his appeal or call. They are reading for the judgment, which is going to be. They are ready to find out if those people are accepted or received into Heaven or not.

In the background of The Judgement tarot card is a wide and comprehensive mountain range or extent. This mountain indicates those unable to overcome destruction, obstacles, and resistance. This also shows the impossibility of avoiding or getting rid of judgment.

The Judgement Keywords

Upright Keywords:– Incitement, renewal,  consoling, apex, revelation,  renovation, motive,  replication, enumeration, self revolution, reflection.

Reversed Keywords:– Unaware, hated, self-doubt, incognizance, unconscious, unheedful, insignificancy, antipathy, bankruptcy, failure to realize or learn lessons.

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The Judgement Upright Meaning

The Judgement tarot card Upright side is telling one person who is reading The Judgement tarot card Upright side that it is about time to rise and strain a higher stage or great level of consciousness for the service of his highest success. That person is realizing and sensing his imposed or settled for much more. After hearing the appeal, it is his time to make moves, ready to act. He should let go of his old self and take steps forward without hesitation or worry.

Sometimes The Judgement tarot card indicates to one person reading The Judgement tarot card on the reverse side that he should make some decisions that will change his life. That decision will demand or pester a harmonized or combined understanding,  intuition, and comprehension.

All he needs to remember is that any choice he makes will fetch an important and meaningful change. He should believe in his capability, higher self, inner wisdom, power, and judgment. He should not hesitate or feel confused, be worried. He is on the right path or path. His past and the lesson he has learned will help him move forward by guiding him.

In a tarot card reading, then The Judgement tarot card Upright side is telling one person who is reading The Judgement tarot card Upright side that he is very close to extending or getting at a significant level in his journey. That man has reconsidered, observed, and evaluated all kinds of experiences from his past life. He has learned from that. This integration has improved or recovered deep wounds so that he can put his past behind him.

Since he has traced or discovered his absolution, he will clear and release any regrets, guilt, sadness, or even failure of his past. This is a good, sudden removal that will leave that person refreshed and invigorated and also make that person ready to take on any new or difficult challenges.

The Judgement tarot card Upright side is telling that person that most probably that person will be able to find comfort in sharing his struggles with other people within a group environment because many people can show him the way to independence or freedom from his ongoing troubles since those people have already experienced something similar.

The Judgement Reversed Meaning

The Judgement tarot card’s reverse side tells one person reading The Judgement tarot card reverse side an epoch of reflection and self-evaluation. That person will appear deeply compassionate or considerate of the universal things and affairs weaving through and through his life and what he can do or avoid any situations by meditating or quiet contemplation.

Sometimes the universe is giving a message, or the universe is inviting one person reading The Judgement tarot card reverse side to something bigger through The Judgement tarot card reverse side. But that person can not listen to that, see that since he is hesitating, frightened, or confused. He should not give any importance to his self-doubt.

Instead of this, that person should believe that no matter what happens, the universe will have his back. Someone The Judgement tarot card reverse side indicates that his inner reviewer, detractor, and the arbitrator will come out.

Most probably, he is doubting himself or telling himself negative messages. The Judgement tarot card’s reverse side is telling him that it is the perfect time to break this cycle of self-criticism and before more confident.

In conclusion, the Judgement Tarot brings prosperity, fulfillment, and expansion into your life. You can accomplish anything you set your mind to when you align with your higher self, your heart, and trust the Universe.

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