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Tarot Card Meaning

The Magician in a Tarot reading indicates that the querent has the power to manifest their desires into reality. This is a card of action, will, and determination. The Magician is not a passive card but rather one that asks you to take an active role in your life and create your destiny. If you have been stuck or at a crossroads, the Magician’s appearance in your reading signifies that it is time to take charge and make things happen.

The Magician is also a card of skill and resourcefulness. You have all the tools and talents you need to achieve your goals. This is a time to use your creativity and imagination to manifest your dreams into reality. Trust your intuition, and don’t be afraid to take risks. The Magician is a powerful ally on your journey to success.

 Major Arcana:– 

The Magician is one of the most intriguing cards in the Major Arcana of the Tarot. This card can represent many things, including the power of manifestation, the ability to create your reality, and the power to control your destiny.

The Magician is often associated with the planet Mercury, which is the planet of communication and commerce. This card can also represent the element of Air, which is related to the mind and intellect.

The Magician can be a positive or negative card, depending on the context of the reading.

The Magician Description

The Magician is one of the seventy-eight cards in a tarot deck. The Magician tarot card is full of images and symbols. In the interior, the middle figure delimited one person with one hand pointed to the sky. At the same time, the other hand points to the ground. It is like — up above or down below. It is an obligingly complicated phrase, but its condensation is that the earth reflects heaven, and the outer world reflects within.

It can also be explained here that the Magician symbolizes the power, skill, and capability to act as a go-between within the world upon the contemporary human world. It is also known as The Magus or The Juggler. It is the first trump or Major Arcana card in the customary, consecutive tarot card deck. The Magician is used in playing card games and fortune-telling games.

The Magician tarot card images show a man standing in front of his powerful altar with tools related to all four directions and suits of a tarot deck.

When The Magician takes place in a spread, it points to the sagacity, aptitude, ability, and compatibility of the queen’s adjustment to succeed. The message is about tapping into one person’s potential rather than holding back. Particularly when there is a necessity to change something on his table, The Magician also drives all the four suits of the tarot cards.

It symbolizes the four elements connected by this tarot card named The Magician. Those four elements being ——  earth, water, air, and fire. The unending signs on his head allude to the limitless, without-ending creation possibilities with the will.

 The Magician Keywords

 Upright Keywords: Destined, ascertained, cleverness, legerity, skill, resourceful, deft, proficient, mature, stiff, strong, dynamic, powerful, disclosure, exposition, enlighten, inspire, vatic.

Reversed Keywords: Fraud, knavery, trickery, bewilderment, disorder, chaos, confusion, manipulation, bad aim, communication block, bad planning and coordination, unimproved talent.

Element: Air

Planet: Mercury

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The Magician Upright Meaning

Since the Magician is an excellent manifesto, The Magician brings one person those tools, provision, help, and energy needed to make his aims come true. At one person’s fingertips, the person has all of these. He has spiritual (fire), physical (earth), mental (air), and finally, emotions (emotions). When a person associates and assembles all of these with the energy of his spiritual and earthly state, he will become an exposition, an enlightened powerhouse. That key is to bring all those tools simultaneously and synergistically so that the influence and outcome of what he has created are more significant than the separate parts.

Most probably, it is perfect for moving onward, depending on that thought he recently conceived. The potential embryos have been revealed, and he is being appealed to take steps and actions and put his motives to fruition.

The proficiencies, knowledge, and abilities he has gathered along his way have led him to where he is now. To grow his goals, he must establish a specific vision of what he will create before he acts since this is not good enough to be reasonable by ego, wealth, and fame.

One person needs to have a spirit and heart related to his goals and motives. He is powerful, has creativity and potential, and this is the chance to bring his higher self in arrangement with his daily life and deeds to the future he wants more. All he needs to do is be concentrated and focus his attention and passion on bringing his aims to success.

After dropping all kinds of distractions, the person has to focus on one particular thing he wants. But he always has to be reasonable and logical in his aim, planning to ensure that he always stays on track and conveys his tasks.

In one stage, The Magician Reversed shows one person that he is exploring whatever he wants to manifest, but still, he is not taking any action. He is confused and unsure if he has everything he needs; maybe he does not know how to make this happen. In that case, if the person acts as a manifesto, then the universe will behave as how to work out. He always has to be focused on his intentions, and when the chances arise, he grabs them immediately.

The Magician Reversed Meaning

But if the person is already acting on his goal, then The Magician tarot card will be a sign telling him he is struggling to define progress and improvement. Different factors may be at play. If the person is 1st, he probably has an idea but does not know what action to take to reveal it.

Perhaps if a person knows what his intention is. So his attempts are misdirected and unfocused. Maybe he has lost his connection with why, or it was not compelling enough, and now he wants the courage to complete his dream. Or, probably, his final goal is out of the arrangement with his highest good, and the universe wants you to stop. Also, at its worst, The Magician tarot card Reversed intends or conveys greed, demand, appetite, yearning, manipulation, deception, impostor, canning, and hypocrisy. The person reading The Magician tarot card may be masterful at illuminating.

Still, if the person is out of touch with his higher self, then it is evident that he is doing this only for his gain and at the expense or charge of other people. It is normal to fall into this trap unconsciously, surreptitiously sometimes. Still, if the person’s goals, motives, intentions, or aims are not coming to success or reality, if something is feeling off, then he has to tune into that and ask himself if he is working for the highest good or only for his benefit, profit and advantage.

The Magician Love Meaning


When it is a love reading with The Magician tarot card, then The Magician tarot card is positive in the context of love. For those already in a relationship with someone, the Magician tarot card implies the association is moving to a new, deep stage, such as —– an engagement, a wedding, or even a newborn baby, with much happiness and assurance. But if the person is single, then The Magician tarot card is giving the person a sign that it is the right time to meet someone new. That someone will be serious about him; maybe he also has many well-intentioned interests and treats him better than any other person. So it is a Yes.


If it is Reversed, then if one person is already in a relationship, he has to be more open, honest, and transparent with his love partner. If the person is single, then The Magician tarot card is a sign that the person may be spiteful and contemptuous about his love.

Maybe it is not the right time to meet and get into a relationship with someone. But don’t lose trust. By staying positive, if the person is sending love and respect, he will eventually get a love partner.

The Magician Career Meaning


When reading about finance and career, The Magician tarot card points out new chances, opportunities, and ways to present one person through his career. Maybe it is time for promotion if one person is already in a job. For those confused about their career, The Magician tarot card signifies it is time to start a new job or business. Also, one person’s finances will improve, or probably the person will be able to make more chances to earn extra money.


When it is reading about finance and career, but with the reverse side, The Magician tarot card tells one person that he is not using all of his skills, abilities, and opportunities though he has to. Maybe something is holding him back, probably confidence or doubt. The person can take his time to figure out what is wrong, why he can not move forward, what is holding him back, and what he wants precisely. If the person faces a financial crisis, he will need to take some proactive access or refuge to switch his present circumstances.

 The Magician Health Meaning


When it is reading about health, then in this context, The Magician tarot card shows one person that his physical and mental health will be alright. The person’s strength, power, and energy will be with him. If he has been sick or diseased lately or even he has been feeling drained, this situation is not improving. Then The Magician tarot card wants you to change the treatment or therapy. Maybe instead of this, the person should take a practical, powerful healer. He should follow a well-planned diet routine, exercise, medication, and meditation.


When it is reading about health, but The Magician tarot card is reversed, then in this kind of context of health, The Magician tarot card is also still in a positive place. It shows that the person should believe in his capability to recover or heal. It is to grow up that is healing, treatment, or therapy. On the other hand, mental health issues are connected with any hallucination, psychosis, psychopath, or paranoia. In that case, the person should seek a professional psychologist or mental health doctor as soon as possible.

In conclusion, The Magician’s Meaning explains magic as a spiritual endeavor. It is a tool to enlighten others that may lack the knowledge or skills to see life’s wonders. It is a vehicle to manifest change in your life. Magic is only a tool, but what you put into it determines its success.

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