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The Oracle Tarot is a deck of 78 cards created in the late 1800s by the Italian artist and occultist Aleister Crowley. The cards are all associated with different symbols and concepts relating to, amongst other things, the occult, astrology, and witchcraft. The Moonchild Tarot was designed by the artist Paul Huson. Based on Crowley’s original, the cards are intended to be used to practice tarot divination while also serving as a tool for self-improvement and personal development.

The Moonchild Tarot

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The moonchild tarot is one of the decks of the tarot decks. It is beautifully illustrated with powerful symbols, archetypes, and stunning images. The deck of the cards is filled with symbolism and rush dreamscapes. It provides all the sacred teachings of the moon. This deck also provides a guidebook where all the instructions and information of each card are given.

The Moonchild Tarot deck is a great choice for anyone who wants to explore the tarot world or want to add a tarot deck to a collection. The artwork makes it great for beginners and experts alike. The beautiful themes and the generous deck size make it ideal for collectors. The only downside to the deck is the size of the book. However, the deck is wonderful and doesn’t need a long book to make it great.

  • The deck of the card provided both upright and reversed meanings.
  • It included a guidebook that provided all the teachings of moon rituals.
  • It discusses how tarot cards spread and astrological correspondence for each card.
  • The card illustration is not clear.

Oracle Tarot

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Oracle is a deck used for fortune-telling or spiritual practice. This deck provides information on the past, present, and future. It shows us guidance and provides messages of god, goddesses, angels, and messengers. There are no fixed cards; they may contain 30, 40, or 80 in a deck. Oracle deck doesn’t follow any rules. They don’t depend on other decks. They make their own rules. Many decks are based on animals, fairies, and many others in the oracle deck.

  • Oracle deck provides a few rules.
  • There is no guideline needed to follow any oracle deck.
  • Oracle deck provides a spiritual message for guidance.
  • The deck is easy to interpret, and the artwork is artistic.
  • The deck does not contain all of life, location, or time information.

Review of the differences between the moonchild tarot and Oracle

  • The moonchild tarot is one of the decks of tarot cards, whereas Oracle is a deck.
  • The moonchild tarot provides sacred teachings of the moon, whereas Oracle provides all the spiritual messages.
  • The moonchild tarot contains 81 cards in a deck, whereas the Oracle deck is unnumbered.
  • The moonchild tarot provides open interpretation, whereas the oracle provides straightforward answers.
  • The moonchild tarot is based on the rider waite deck, whereas the oracle doesn’t depend on others.

Last Words:

In conclusion, The Moonchild Tarot is the most balanced tarot deck in the world, the best valued, and the most complete. It is the most magical, most-spirited and most-easy to use tarot deck in the world. It is the best tool for the apprentice, the professional, and the master-magician and is the perfect deck for beginners and advanced tarot users alike.

On the other hand,  In summary, the Oracle is not only one of the most influential Tarot decks, but it’s also one of the most popular. There are many versions of the Oracle Tarot deck, but the most popular is the Ravenscroft, Harris, and Thoth versions. The deck’s popularity is based on the unique artistic design and different interpretations of the cards. The Oracle is the perfect deck for someone wanting a little more guidance than a traditional Tarot deck offers.

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