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Tarot Card Meaning

The Star is a Tarot card that is all about hope, inspiration, and creativity. This card represents a time when you can see the light at the end of the tunnel and are ready to start fresh. This is a time for you to let your imagination run wild and to start pursuing your dreams. The Star is a reminder that you are never alone and have the Universe’s support. Trust your intuition and follow your heart, as it will lead you to your true purpose.

Major Arcana:– 

The Star Tarot is one of the most popular tarot decks used by professional tarot readers. The deck is based on the traditional Major Arcana, which includes 22 trump cards. The Star Tarot deck has been designed to be easy to read and interpret, making it a popular choice for those who are new to tarot reading.

The Star Description

The Star tarot card is one of the seventy-eight cards of a regular, common tarot deck’s Major Arcana or trump cards numbered 17. In the imagery of The Star tarot card, a naked woman kneels at the side of a small pool of water. That woman is holding two containers of water. One container of water is in her right hand, and another is in her left hand.

The right hand’s container indicates consciousness, while the other hand’s container indicates consciousness and uses pouring water to bring up the earth and keep up the cycle of enrichment, as shown by the lush greenery surrounding her.

The other container pours the water onto arid land in five rills, these five rills indicating five senses. That woman in The Star tarot card’s imagery has one foot on the ground. This shows practice knowledge, capacity, and common sense.

On the other hand, that other foot shows her inner intuition, inner resources, and listening to her inner voice. That naked woman is showing her vulnerable essence, holiness, and purity under the immensity of the starry night sky. Behind her, one large star is shining, which shows the woman’s core abstract, and seven small stars indicate chakras.

The Star Keywords

 Upright Keywords:– Prospect, repel, anticipation, motivation, hope, belief, commandment, positivity, recovery,  conviction, confidence, renewal, cure, rejuvenation.

Reversed Keywords:– Despondent, vain, inefficient, disappointment, negativity,  fall, pessimism, lack of belief, deficiency of truth or faith.

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The Star Upright Meaning

The Star tarot card Upright side is telling one person who is reading this tarot card that, since The Star follows The Tower tarot card in Tarot, then this tarot card comes as a welcome respite after a period of inversion and combustion.

The person has tolerated many kinds of various obstacles and challenges and stripped himself bare of any types of limiting trust which has earlier held him back. He is fixing his core abstract, who he is down all the layers. He is always joined to the heavenly sibling’s pure energy of love.

The Star tarot card s renewed belief and hope, a sense that the universe blesses him. He is ingoing a peaceful, loving period in his life, which is filled with mental stability, calm energy, and something more in-depth understanding of both himself and all other people around him.

Anything is possible, and the magic flows around that person with The Star tarot card. He needs to access himself to dream, to aspire to develop in any way possible to reach the stars. Suppose that person wants to find or discover the sense or feeling of inspiration, interpretation, or purpose in his life again. That person can make some positive and worthy changes or transformations, which will bring a new perspective. He has to be open to different kinds of various ideas, growth, and his inner voice. The Star tarot card is also indicating a generous spirit.

The Star Reversed Meaning

The Star tarot card’s reverse side is telling one person reading this tarot card that he has lost his faith and hope in this universe. Most probably, he is feeling overwhelmed by life’s changes. He is searching for some reprieve but is struggling to see how the descent is on his side.

Sometimes The Star tarot card’s reverse side is a test of faith. That person will be able to learn how he can faith not only in himself but also in the whole universe. When the person has confidence and faith in himself, The Star tarot card’s reverse side tells him that he is a vessel for heaven.

For this reason, he should allow heaven to shine through. This tarot card shows that he is detached and uninspired by life and the elements of his own life. By aligning with his life, he will be able to find out some new sources of encouraging motivation.

The Star tarot card reverse side motivates that person to take time deeply for his self-care and accomplishment on a deeply personal and spiritual level. That person’s energy reserves are probably well and truly consumed, so he should make time just for himself rather than pushing himself further.

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The Star Love Meaning


When it is about a love reading with The Star tarot card Upright side, then this tarot card is telling one person who is reading The Star tarot card reverse side that there will be lots of hopes, possibilities, chances, and also romance in his love relationship if he is already in a love relationship. His sense of hope and optimism can be his most powerful attraction at that moment. It gives him a sense of elegance and also charisma.

If that person has broken up recently, he will be able to reedify his confidence to move onward. If that person is single, then The Star tarot card gives him hope that he will be able to find his love relationship partner or even a soul mate.


When it is about a love relationship reading with The Star tarot card reverse side, then this tarot card is telling one person who is reading The Star tarot card reverse side that he will lose his faith. Belief affects his judgement; he is suffering from self-doubt. All other people will sense this situation or condition with him. This can make that person feel even worse and more negative. His feelings about love will change by the doubt and loss of fate.

The Star Career Meaning


When it is about a career reading with The Star tarot card Upright side, then this tarot card is telling one person who is reading The Star tarot card Upright side that if he remains faithful, he will achieve what is wanted by him, his aim, goal. It is all about great positivity. The people around him in his working life will start noticing him. His situation will bring him those opportunities or chances which were hoped for.

Since this tarot card is a symbol of hope and higher, be ambition so he should search for promotion or profit. If that person recently passed a challenging or stressful situation and times, he will heal now. This will be a peaceful and quiet time for him.


When it is about a career reading with The Star tarot card reverse side, then this tarot card is telling one person who is reading The Star tarot card reverse side that his work or business will be affected by his negativity. Most probably, he will no longer feel passionate or even creative. This is because he only sees things in a pessimistic manner. A transformation in his approach, prospect, sentiment, or attitude will be needed to give that personal motivation and encouragement to make positive changes.

In summary, The Star Card in Tarot is a powerful symbol of love, courage, and connection. The Star card represents our connection to a higher power, the brightest star in the night sky. The Force be with you.

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