The Ultimate Guide to The Rider Waite Tarot-Review

In reading tarot cards, we should look for meaning and deeper insights. Often, the cards speak to our inner self and show us how to make decisions, but they also can give us invaluable messages about our current life and show us our future. In this “The Ultimate Guide to The Rider Waite Tarot” book, Johannes Fiebig and Evelin Burger help you get to the heart of the cards and discover the power they have to transform your life.

“The Rider Waite Tarot is the world’s most widely used tarot deck and is also the most popular and widely published deck in the world. It is commonly referred to as the ‘Rider-Waite’ tarot, but it was never designed by the famous occultist A.E. Waite.

The original Rider-Waite deck was designed by Pamela Colman Smith in 1909, both as a tool for readying the public for the occult teachings of the Golden Dawn and as a book for metaphysical study.

The Golden Dawn was a group of occultists who developed the magical techniques of magic and mysticism, which go far beyond the use of the tarot. The Waite-Smith deck, which

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The Ultimate Guide to the Rider Waite Tarot
  • Fiebig, Johannes (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

About Author:

This deck was created by the author’s Johannes Fiebig and Evelin Burger.

Johannes Fiebig has been writing and publishing since 1984. His areas of interest include the use of tarot cards and other symbolic languages as intellectual tools.

Evelin Burger co-founded the German mysticism publisher Königsfurt Verlag in 1989 with Johannes Fiebig. Her areas of interest include the intuitive use of tarot cards, yoga, gardening, art, and dance.

The Ultimate Guide To The Rider Waite Tarot Review:

Find out all the information you have always wanted to know about the most popular tarot cards in the world. The Ultimate Guide to Rider Waite Tarot describes the ten most important symbols on each card in a deck and includes hundreds of illustrations for reference. Symbol explanation, each card gives a brief thematic interpretation:

  • Primary meaning
  • Prognosis or tendency
  • Spiritual meaning
  • Love a relationship meaning
  • Daily meaning
  • Success and happiness meaning

Tarot scholars Johannes Fiebig and Evelyn Burger are highly regarded in Europe. They are written in a convenient format for quick reference and provide hints, instructions, facts, and traditions to improve your reading immediately. On these pages, you will find the top ten:

  1. Ways of using a single card
  2. Tips and rules for the interpretation
  3. Facts about the tarot
  4. Interpretations for each suit
  5. Spread layout techniques

The Ultimate Guide to The Rider Waite Tarot- features and specifications:

The Llewellyn publications published this deck; illustrated edition on April 08, 2013.The deck of English language. It has a paperback of 216 pages, and the product weighs 14.4 ounces. The deck has a dimension of 6.05*0.5*9 inches.

  • The deck provided all the details on every card deck’s ten most important symbols with hundreds of illustrations.
  • It provided quick references, tips, hints, and facts to improve reading.

Previous Buyer’s Experience:

  • The deck has beautiful color illustrations printed on good-quality glossy paper.
  • The deck includes individual symbolism for each card, along with brief historical references and well-explained indications.
  • Some buyers claimed that descriptions are abstract, style of the text wooden resulting in the formation lacking cohesion.
  • The deck provided basic meaning and spiritual evidence provided for each card, one of the strongest features, and its book reads and presents as a glossary.
  • Spoke buyer’s claimed that some information was cut and pasted from the other sources.
  • Some buyers claimed that the book is written so badly and hard to understand and can get better information on the tarot card by googling online.
  • The deck included a book of the beautiful tool as it is gentle on your hands.
  • Some buyers claimed that all the information was brief and statements were not very illuminating.
  • The deck is based on the rider waite tarot, and all illustrations are in full color.
  • The deck is lovely to look at and handle, and its entire book is soft and glossy, easy on the eyes, which enables continued reading.
  • Some buyers claimed that Illustrations were too small to discern any detail from them and didn’t point out anything.
  • The deck provides all the information on tarot that is based on the RWS system.
  • The entire booklet easily provides simple instructions and comes with glossy paper.
  • The deck taught us and provided quick references, hints, and facts to improve our reading.
  • It provides all the simple layout techniques.
  • Some buyers claimed that the book that included provided details in brief, not analysis it.


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