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The Urban Tarot

I’m always looking for new Tarot decks to add to my collection. So when I heard about the Urban Tarot, I was intrigued. The deck is inspired by street art from around the world, and it’s definitely a unique take on the traditional Tarot.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a copy of the deck, and I’ve been using it for readings for the past few weeks. Here’s my review of the Urban Tarot.

The first thing that struck me about the deck was the artwork. It’s really beautiful and eye-catching. Each card has its own distinct style, and the overall effect is visually stunning.

The deck is also very user-friendly. The card meanings are written on the cards themselves, so you don’t need to refer to a booklet. And the card backs are reversible, so you can choose to read them with or without reversals.

The Urban Tarot
  • Scott, Robin (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

The Urban Tarot Meaning:

The tarot is a deck of 78 cards, each with a unique meaning. The urban tarot is a deck specifically designed to help you interpret the messages of the tarot in an urban setting. The deck includes traditional tarot symbols like the fool, the magician, and the Tower and urban images like the skyscraper, the subway, and the graffiti-covered wall.

The urban tarot can be used for personal readings or readings about your city. The deck can help you understand the energies at work in your town and offer insights into the challenges and opportunities.

The urban tarot can also help you find your way around a new city or to help you get to know a city you already live in.

If you’re interested in exploring the urban tarot, a few resources can help you get started. The first is the deck itself. You can find the urban tarot deck online.

About Author

Robin Scott

She’s a transgender woman living with her wife Amy on the Upper West Side of New York City and living a dream life. She’s a feminist, a radical optimist, and a utopian socialist. She’s also an illustrator, a graphic designer, a web developer, and an internet marketer. She’s an author and teacher of tarot. She graduated from Parsons School of Design and completed her Master’s program in Illustration at the Fashion Institution of Technology. Her inspiration and muse are the metropolises, and she’s also a font nerd, a gamer, and a comic book geek.

Let’s check out more on The Urban Tarot.

The Urban Tarot Review

Like her muse and inspirations, this tarot deck is a homage to the metropolis and its diverse inhabitants in their different roles in life. This provides a map of one’s inner city and has a guide for the twenty-first-century seeker of truth. It unleashes the insight and magic hidden in the urban landscape.

The unique tarot combines ancient symbols and modern imagery to make it relatable for today’s readers and city-dwellers. Modern city life is represented to us in a dull and mundane tone, but this tarot deck helps us uncover the unseen and miraculous side of the urban lifestyle.

Going through this tarot is like riding and hopping on a train of adventure. It’s an empowering journey of self-discovery, self-truth, and the excitement of seeing the other side of life in the city and its unique perks.

The artist herself inspires and sees the magic in the smoke and mirrors of the city, dancing on the concrete pavements and hearing the music in the traffic. From experiencing the smoke and sweat of the city fumes to enjoying hot pizza and going forth towards the impossible, this tarot deck will show you all at once through its great style and art.

Features and Specifications:

It is available in card version on Amazon in the language of English. It was published on 31st May 2019 by U.S. Games Systems Inc. It weighs about 1 pound and has a dimension of 3.9 x 1.7 x 6.5 inches.

  • The deck has 78 cards.
  • It has an 84-page guidebook for introductions and instructions.
  • The guide booklet also includes personal commendatory by the artist and the author.
  • The cards are divided into the following categories: The Major Arcana, Cups, Disks, Wands, and Swords.

User Experience:

  • The artwork is mind-blowing with its unique and chic style, a hint of realism, and absolutely stunning diversity.
  • The artwork resonates with the cards and is fluid with meanings and interpretations.
  • The author’s concept behind the art and the cards leap through and reach the audience’s hearts as they can connect with it easily.
  • The guide booklet accompanied by the deck is very well-written and descriptive.
  • This booklet tears down each card’s concept and describes how and why they’ve been used and their story.
  • The deck has a modern style and setting, which is relatable to most users.
  • The deck discusses both the shiny and the wrong side of modern city life, making the deck concept multidimensional.
  • The card stock is of good quality with a glossy print.
  • The booklet gives a thorough explanation and accurate information with it to go by.
  • The cards are moderately large and easy to handle and shuffle.
  • The deck’s ideas deal with the current issues and aspects with a new view and perspective, and it seems like a breath of fresh air to many.
  • The packaging box is also sturdy and well enough for safekeeping.
  • The deck explores all the areas and aspects of city life, so it may have many dark or disturbing stories and illustrations that mightn’t be suitable for some readers.


To cross the relation between dreams and reality in the city and life and go back and forth on this experience, this deck is a must-have for the adventurers, the seekers of the unknown, and the trotters of exciting places. You’ll also find the familiar but fantastic story of a four-story walkup apartment on the deck and a life-like experience while consulting this deck.

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