Three of Cups Meaning, Guide & Review

Three of Cups is the third card of the suit of cups, which is part of a tarot deck’s Minor Arcana. Unlike its Latin usage for card games, across Europe, tarot decks are used for divination purposes. It’s also sometimes used for game playing. The suit of cups sometimes is named in the case of chalices instead of in some tarot decks.

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Three of Cups Keywords

Upright Keywords:

Celebration, friendship, creativity, collaborations, community, gatherings, group events, social events, reunions, parties, socializing, indulgence, festivals, festivities, happiness, wedding, engagement party, graduation, baby shower, happy times, and good conversations.

Reversed Keywords:

Neglected social life, cheating, gossip, frustration, overindulgence, gossiping, bitchiness, lack of social life, lack of friends, canceled celebrations, broken engagements, canceled weddings, miscarriage, termination, cheating, affairs, scandal, excess, isolation, loneliness, solitude, imbalanced social life, independence, alone time, hardcore partying, ‘three’s a crowd.

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Three of Cups Description

On the surface of the card of Three of Cups, three women are dancing with each other, forming a circle. They seem joyful, happy, and in a festive mood. They’re all holding cups or chalices and raising their cups in the air in a celebration toast. The scenery around them seems that of a festival. They look at each other with respect, honor, and appreciation, meaning they acknowledge their relationship through an emotional connection and friendship. There’s a sense of supporting and cheering each other in that group of women and lifting each other. They all sincerely acknowledge and are now celebrating the contribution made by each woman in the group. The ground is layered with flowers and pumpkins, symbolizing happiness with the abundance of the harvest season. The background is designed to depict all the joy and goodness in the world.

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General Interpretation of Three of Cups (Upright & Reserved)

Upright Meaning:

In the general context, the theme of the Three of Cups card of the Minor Arcana suggests reunion or celebration. It’s an indicator of someone from your past coming back into your life. It can also offer upcoming parties, festivals, weddings, engagements, or other festivities. With this card appearing in your spread, you can expect a happy event coming forward your way in the future.

It hints at people coming together to share happiness and celebrate significant events. It uplifts our spirits and increases the amount of positive energy and time in our lives, which perfectly affects our social conduct and social interaction. Overall, the Three of Cups in the upright position bears all the good messages and possibilities for you.

 Reversed Meaning:

Generally, the Three of Cups in the reversed position may refer to a canceled celebration or event. It may be a canceled engagement, a canceled wedding, broken-off engagements, weddings, or a canceled party.

The Three of Cups also indicate that your social life may be bleak or non-existent due to your negligence or lack of effort. It also suggests a possibility that you’ve grown apart from your family or that you’ve grown distant from your friends. The Three of Cups in the reversed position can also refer to some social misconduct, like backstabbing and betrayal from the people surrounding you. Maybe the ones who should be supporting you are gossiping about you or hindering your growth in social circles.

So, you must be mindful and careful of the habits of those close to you. The people you think of as friends may start a nasty rumor about you, so you must be cautious about whom to trust. The card in the reversed position highlights the possibility of a family getting separated for a feud or a gate crasher at a party. The Three of Cups refer to a negative aspect of a social gathering or a social relationship.

Three of Cups- Yes or No

 In a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ reading, the Three of Cups hint at a ‘yes,’ except for one case. That exception is if you’re thinking of ‘going at it with something alone, with no support, advice, or previous planning, the Three of Cups implores you to rethink and remake your decision.

Decisions about the theme and meaning of the Three Cups work best when working with others. In other cases and questions, the Three of Cups gives you a big ‘yes’ sign as the card stands by its meaning of togetherness, joy, fun events, and celebrations. Even the emotions brought forth by the cards are about happiness, triumph, and euphoria.

Symbolism, Astrology & Numerology of Three of Cups


The element associated with the Three of Cups is water.


As the Three of Cups is connected to having fun and having a good time, the card is associated with the zodiac sign of Cancer which is ruled by the planet Mercury.

Mercury is a planet conveying matters of day-to-day expressions and relationships. On the other hand, the sign of Cancer has a reputation for being hyper-emotional and temperamental. They put a high value on their family and close ones and are also extremely fond of the people they love.

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The number associated with the Three of Cups is 3, which indicates a group or togetherness.

Three of Cups & Some Important Card Combination

Three of Cups is a card centered around the thought of happiness and having a good time. Even though the cards are a part of Minor Arcana, in case of combining with other cards, this card has the influence of its meaning over the other card in the pair. Yet, the domination of the purpose doesn’t mean it’s overpowering the warning or messages.

So, regardless of the celebration and parties, some combinations tell you to be mindful and careful of your role in other people’s lives as you have to maintain your happiness and relationships with others in a balanced state.

  • Three of Cups & The Magician:

When the Three of Cups and the Magician are paired together, it’s a sign that you might meet your soulmate soon. Specifically, according to the theme of the Three of Cups, you guys are supposed to meet at a party. Perhaps, you’ll fall in love with someone during a celebration, be it a mutual friend or a handsome one at a bar.

As it’s your destiny to meet your beloved partner here, the best you can do to attract him is to be yourself. All you have to do now is trust your intuition and go with the flow; most importantly, enjoy the ride!

  • Three of Cups & Strength:

When the Three of Cups and Strenght card are together alongside each other, it indicates something about your role in a social group. This combination is a probable suggestion that you’re the heart and center of your social circle or group. The people surrounding you might come to you first whenever faced with a problem or doubt.

So, it would help if you were mindful of the importance of your role in other people’s lives. Of course, you can’t be perfect all the time, and you may make mistakes, but you need to try your best to be a helpful and trusted companion. Make sure that you’re giving your friends or other acquaintances valuable and sound advice because the last thing you need is for them to make a mistake and be a failure by following your pieces of advice.

  • Three of Cups & The Ace of Pentacles:

Three of Cups the Ace of Pentacles indicates new business friends and partners. This pair highly encourages you and your newly introduced friend to get out there and socialize and network. This combination suggests you’ll find someone to push your career or business endeavor to the next level.

The pair indicates a long, fruitful, and beneficial business relationship that will bring you both a state of financial success and stability. You’ll become very well-acquainted with this person, and your connection with this person will last for an extended period. But you need to put your trust in this person; be careful not to give too much power or control to this person, though, as the relationship is professional and formal. It’s best to be on equal standing in business relationships.

  • Three of Cups & The Knight of Cups:

Three of Cups and the Knight of Cups combined indicate the possibility of a significant celebration; the reason for the festival may be anything, but the most popular and shared interpretation of this pair is a possible celebration of love. If this combination shows up in your spread, then it’s an indicator that you have a romantic gesture coming in your future. But even if it’s not about a celebration of love, the party will be successful, memorable, and enjoyable for the rest of your life.


As the Three Cups call attention to the theme of celebration, happiness, and the importance of social interaction, we can look back on how living together, and festivities have changed our lives. We can take inspiration from the teachings of this card and motivate ourselves to be happier to live with a sense of fulfillment.

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