You’re Not Dying You’re Just Waking Up- REVIEW

“You’re Not Dying You’re Just Waking Up” is the first book in a series by Elizabeth April. The book is about a woman whose husband dies of cancer and finds a secret message from his brother in the house. This message leads her to believe that her husband may have been part of a secret organization and that the organization is still alive.

The book is about many things, including death, healthy eating, healthy living, and relationships.

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You're Not Dying You're Just Waking Up
879 Reviews
You're Not Dying You're Just Waking Up
  • April, Elizabeth (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

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About Author:

This deck was created by the author Elizabeth April.

Elizabeth April is an author who is only 28 years old and was born with extraordinary abilities.

At a young age, she could see ghosts and spirits and save energy from other people. From infancy, she has developed these abilities in various skills, ranging from old age to predisposition to past life resistance.

Based on Diverse experiences, EA is most interested in exploring spiritual awakening, cosmic revelation, and quantum physics.

You’re Not Dying You’re Just Waking Up Review:

This deck is here to remind you how powerful you are. Sometimes you are dissatisfied with what needs to be done, but it won’t occur like that. You sometimes feel crazy or alone and dying inside.

It’s now time to Strap and keep tight because it’s now no longer your common text. It’s a reminiscence of your soul how effective you are and what kind of you already know! Protect your existence and prevent residing in stagnation.

Stop making selections through compulsions and attachments. Go upstairs, live your existence to the fullest.

Features and Specifications:

This deck was published on March 28, 2021. It comes in 255 pages and is composed in the English language.

  • The deck features. It reminds us and encourages us to our souls.
  • The deck takes us on our journey through all the stages.

Previous User’s Experience:

  • The deck of the booklet included a lot of information as it is packed into a smallish book, but it’s great because you can read it cover to cover if you like.
  • The information deck was wonderful, and there were a lot of new concepts that EA provided clarity on.
  • The practical information was amazing, but they especially felt drawn to the beautiful artwork and the personal stories shared in this book of EA’s journey.
  • The deck of the book shows exactly how to take responsibility and create your own reality in the most empowering way.
  • This book puts it all into perspective and simplifies all that you were already questioning.
  • This book is filled with powerful information on how the universe and this reality works, who we are, and where we are going.
  • The decks are beautifully laid out, and the way the author explains every detail, all the exercises are amazing.
  • Elizabeth explains it in a very practical and understandable way, without huge diversification.
Pros: Cons:
  • The deck inspires us and empowers us with how powerful we are.
  • It gives us hope and motivation for the future.
  • The deck includes a guidebook that provides all the information explained well.
  • The author explained all the relevant things practically and understandably.
  • The deck helps us to show our responsibility and to create our own reality.
  • This deck helps the lightworkers and newbies to step into the spiritual journey.
  • The book is not for advanced readers. They might find this is basic for them.


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