Female psychology facts: Is it really that complex?

People usually consider women or female psychology to be complicated—some even joke about it. The typical question for others about a woman would be, what do does she really wants? Or why is she behaving confused?

The real question here would be: Is it really that difficult? How to understand a woman’s mind? Let’s discuss with the perspective of women psychology. So, what actually is women’s psychology? The term simply implies women’s psychology: what women think and how their personality could be different from men or others. This is an efficient fact for male vs female traits.

In other words, knowing about women and their psychology is what female psychology is all about. Despite many may consider women’s minds to be complicated, well, it is not that complex as it sounds.

In this article today, we would focus on the essential aspects of women psychology. While discussing, we would try to focus on some common questions.

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1. Women prefer bonding

Most women enjoy feeling connected in their relationship with a partner or others. The feeling of connection gives women a sense of security, and therefore, they tend to share their emotions with their close ones.

In a partner, they look for someone who would be attentive to her emotions and needs. This implies, even a small talk or gesture could cheer most women happy. So it is recommended especially to the male partners to share their experiences from the day, or have a small chat with their partners.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to skip other activities and give all the time to her. But a mere small gesture or words could feel women feel special.

2. Ask women about their needs

A lot of women tend to be shy and restrict themselves from sharing their feelings with others. We could even see that in a teenage girl who struggles to share her changes or feelings even with her parents. It may lead to frustration in adolescent girls who perhaps have a problem coping with anger.

In different life stages, women are faced with many hurdles, such as juggling between a career and having a family, having family issues, or career struggles. Unfortunately, most women are seen to hide their feelings, from social pressure mostly.

Therefore, we must ask how she is feeling in her life. Or if she is having difficulties.

The family and friends or closed ones would be the ideal ones who should listen to her needs and support her accordingly. All of these facts will help to identify female psychology.

3. Women and sensitivity

Women usually respond to a lack of ability through communication. This implies that their emotions, frustration, disappointment, and depression are built based on the communication they receive from others. This is the reason women tend to be sensitive compared to their male counterparts. This is a male and female differences in behavior.

4. Partners should not jump to a conclusion

When a woman finds it difficult to share her needs, she usually shows it through emotional outbreaks such as frustration or anger. Hence, Sometimes as close ones, you may feel lost and confused about what the woman wants.

This is especially pointing towards a male who gets all puzzled, seeing his partner expressing fits of anger, which may sometimes seem like tantrums.

5. Frustration and depression from family or work pressure

As mentioned earlier, women tend to hide true feelings. You may see someone delighted woman, but inside, she may be suffering. The family pressure, work pressure, or any abuse, translate into frustration and, to a more negative extent, lead to depression.

At this time, people usually think the woman has an anger issue. For example, after giving birth, the psychology of women changes a lot. She feels vulnerable, experiences mood swing, lose interest in chores even could lose interest in the child. In a typical society, the woman would be described as someone irresponsible.

So, it is crucial to understand what struggles or phases she is going through rather than tagging her as a bad person.

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6. Let her feel empowered

It has been an age-old concept that women are weak both in physique and may not be intelligent as men. Society has planned things that make women feel worthless, even if she is witty and competent.

The confidence will come to women if society shows her that she is equally skilled to a man. So, to make women empowered, the community and its people should change their outlook.

7. Women feel responsible and timid

Yes, we see many households where a man and his woman partner both work outside, but women mostly have to prepare meals or do other tasks when coming home. Why is that? Well, women are made to feel this way. In different households, it has always been women’s duty to cook or do household chores. Their works are not valuable compared to the man working outside.

This age-old tradition has made women evolve so that they feel responsible for most of the household works. The patriarchal nature in a family of man’s dominance could also make women grow timid and oppressed where males can think differently. This is one of the important facts about females vs males.

Final thoughts

To conclude, understanding female psychology is not as complicated as acclaimed by many in society. It is unfortunate, but a truth that many customs and norms passed through generations have made women feel less of a man and feel vulnerable.

To understand women and their psychology, we only have to listen to what they have to say or, in other words, let them express their feelings. This would make them independent and feel empowered and thus could change their position in society.

Some popular and best-selling books on Female psychology

All of the books are important to me as I got much help to know women’s minds. So, I recommend these top 10 books to know women psychology.

  1. Aggression in Girls by Rachel Simmons

2. The Psychology of Women by Michele Antoinette Paludi

3. New Psychology of Women by Jane baker miller

4. The Psychology of Women By Margaret W. Matlin

  1. The Psychology of Gender, by Robert Sternberg, Alice Eagly, Anne Beall

6. The Female Brain by Louann Brizendine

7. The Psychology of Women by Helene Deutsch

  1. Domestic Violence and Psychology: Critical Perspectives on Intimate Partner Violence and Abuse (Women and Psychology) by Paula Nicolson

9. Women Voicing Resistance: Discursive and narrative explorations by Suzanne McKenzie-Mohr and Michelle N. Lafrance

  1. The Evolutionary Psychology of Women, Anne Campbell
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